Turris OS 6.0.0 is available in HBK

As previously announced, we moved the HBL branch to HBK making Turris OS 6.0 available in HBK.

This only affects users who opted in for testing one of the development branches.

What’s new?

:boom: Breaking Changes

  • LuCI supports L2 and L3 configuration
  • LTS kernel 5.15
  • Foris removed (use reForis exclusively now)

:rocket: New Features

  • Morce (integrated IDS)
  • reForis Nextcloud plugin
  • Wi-Fi 6 cards supported
  • Turris Auth (login gateway)
  • Parental control (PaKon) moved to a separate page
  • New LEDs driver for all routers
  • Dashboard in LuCI
  • NetMetr supports measurement with IPv6 address
  • Improved support for Turris 1.x routers
    • New Device Tree
    • PowerPC SPE utilized – should improve performance
    • Knot Resolver by default

:bug: Bug Fixes

  • Allow managing interfaces in reForis for Turris 1.x
  • Fixed Ethernet ports numbering for Turris MOX in reForis

:pushpin: Updates

  • Python version 3.7 ➔ 3.9
  • Lighttpd version ➔ 1.4.67
  • Nextcloud update to version 22.xx

:package: Other Changes

  • Obsolete SIDN package feed dropped

Known issues



What’s going to be addressed in upcoming days:

  • Rainbow LED configuration migration for Turris Omnia and Turris 1.x routers

Current state of development branches

branch Turris OS version OpenWrt version
HBS (default) 5.4 19.07
HBK 6.0 21.02
HBL 7.0 22.03
HBD 8.0 master

If you were previously testing Turris OS 6.0 in HBL and would like to stay at Turris OS 6.0, please switch your router’s branch to HBK.


How can I stay with Turris 1.x in TOS6?

HBL shows me TOS7 and HBK 5.4.4

According to new LEDs driver… After each restart LEDs doesn’t remember light intensity. Eveytime after reboot, LEDs are at full intensity. This occured in HBL few days ago.

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Thanks for pointing it out. I will add it to the list of known issues.

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And one more question: Will TOS6 in HBK be availaible as working medkit? Sometimes, when someone wants to start from scratch it si much quicker than install HBS and then update via switch-branch command.

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Something like this?


Current version of TurrisOS 6.0 in HBL and in HBK breaks my turris-webapps.
I had to move to the HBL version from my Saturdays snapshot … it works fine.

Is it adventure to try HBL (7.0 - 22.03) or is it stable enough for daily usage?

We added numbering to lighttpd configs, could that be the issue? treewide: use number prefixes for lighttpd configuration files (!913) · Merge requests · Turris / Turris OS / Turris OS packages · GitLab When you say “my turris-webapps”, do you mean you have your own package? If yes, you might need to change the config names to make sure they load in the correct order.

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We have been focusing on Turris OS 6.0 and will start working on 7.0 when 6.0 gets to hbs, so I personally wouldn’t switch now.

Yes, medkits are there, but they dont work properly. Few months ago, HBL medkit didnt even install and last month it installed, but everything was weird (reForis about page showed it as TOS6, HBS, but updater brought TOS5 update).

Yes … numbering of lighttpd conf files was root cause of my problems.
I added number prefix to my conf file and it works fine again.
Thanks for help
P.S. Now, I successfully switch to the HBK branch too

I am missing the Turris SFP-bug here, please add it (@Pepe stated on gitlab that it will not make it to 6.0), as Turris SFP is officially supported hardware.

Edit: question - is the ARP-bug for DSA on all ports but eth2 resolved? Back in May 2022 it was still present.

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LED color and brightness on my Omnia router is restored sucessfully after reboot.

Our kernel developer managed to get it working just four days ago and it was merged before HBK merge, so it should be up and running. :slight_smile:


Regarding ARP-bug: is DSA by now working without any problems on all ports?

No, it isn’t.

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MOX classic, HBK branch, .5 GB, 2x WiFi, simple config.
Last version of OS was 5.4.4, upgrade to v6.0 with some seemingly not important errors, all seems OK and working.
Will do more testing later.