Turris OS 5.0.0 planned to be in HBT

Dear Turris users,

We are thrilled to announce to you a new major 5.0 version of Turris OS in the testing branch Here be Turtles (hbt) :turtle:. This release is based on the latest OpenWrt version 19.07.2 with our features, our userspace setup, and our kernel configuration. It is available for Turris MOX, Turris Omnia and experimentally supported Turris 1.x routers when you are booting from microSD card using Btrfs.

We would like to share with you some highlights of this release.

  • We have been working on our redesigned Foris (reForis), which has now a few amazing features like snapshots integration and remote control, but it is in the development.
  • In default configurations, there is enabled support for USB Mass Storage devices by default to use Storage plugin without installing package list NAS.
  • There is added support for secondary IP addresses for DNS servers and enabled TLS for Google DNS servers.
  • There is a basic migration from samba3 to samba4.
  • As a time-based job scheduler, we are using cronie instead of vixie-cron, which is no longer under development.
  • For webapps, there is an automatic redirect to HTTPS, if it is possible.
  • LuCI is using client-side rendering for improvement performance.
  • Optional WPA3 support

There is a lot of amazing and interesting stuff, which was not mentioned like security updates, a lot of new and updated packages, which can be installed. More information can be found on our Gitlab or in the OpenWrt changelog. We would like to thank anyone, who tested this release in HBK.

Are you hesitate to test this release before it reaches a stable branch? You can use the following command switch-branch hbt, which switches you to the testing branch and if you find out any bugs, please let us know about it here or preferably write an email to tech.support@turris.cz.

Any feedback is appreciated.


Can you explain easiest way to enable WPA3?

Alternately with mesh support, wpad-mesh-openssl or wpad-mesh-wolfssl

Yes, I read it on OpenWrt forum and successfully set up with TOS 5.0. The settings in LuCI was available immediately. I suggest link this post or documentation page in announcement.

With TOS 5.1 I had some dependency errors and must forced it. Subsequently restart was required.

Title suggest it will be in HBT, but message suggest is it.

root@turris:~# switch-branch hbt
+ uci set 'updater.turris=turris'
+ '[' n '=' y ]
+ uci set 'updater.turris.mode=branch'
+ uci set 'updater.turris.branch=hbt'
+ uci commit updater.turris
+ '[' n '=' y ]
+ sed -i 's#https://repo\.turris\.cz/.*/\([^/]*\)/packages/#https://repo\.turris\.cz/hbt/\1/packages/#' /etc/opkg/distfeeds.conf
+ '[' n '=' y ]
+ updater_args=
+ config_get_bool updater_approvals autorun approvals 0
+ local _tmp
+ config_get _tmp autorun approvals 0
+ eval export -n -- '_tmp=${CONFIG_autorun_approvals:-${4}}'
+ export -n -- '_tmp=0'
+ _tmp=0
+ export -n 'updater_approvals=0'
+ '[' 0 '=' 1 ]
+ updater_args=--batch
+ pkgupdate --reinstall-all --batch
INFO:Target Turris OS: 4.0.6

Switching suggest the title is right :slight_smile:

I think that TOS 5 in HBT is announcement. Release will be deployed in next few days.

Dear Turris Team,
Can we expect migration from turris 3x to 5x in foreseeable future?

I see these tests to be done:

For me personaly I could go with this migration. I do not need these things only possibly dev detect if that is related to my drive connected to turris and automaticaly mounted to /srv.

When will be TOS 5 in HBT, I will switch my production router. What will not work I will migrate manually (for example, I have VPN configuration outside of Foris).

And what about 160MHz channel support in Foris/reForis? Still error (Foris) and N/A (reForis)…

How does it look with the release of the new HBT branch please?

It’s Friday. Don’t expect it to release it today or during the weekend. You know this meme, right?



Of course Pepe :slight_smile:
So, next week hopefully :slight_smile:

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I’m confused. I was thinking migration 3->4 won’t happen and there will be directly 3->5. Something has changed?

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Migration from TOS 3 to 4 was skipped.

Viktor is not part of our team and posting comment, where is just a link is useless and make users confusing. From the linked issue, you can see that we haven’t changed the title of the issue, that’s corrected for now. It is just a title. No additional work is needed. Nothing else. Nothing more.

@viktor, I will give you a hint. Issues, where is milestone Turris OS 5.0 it can be postponed/dropped. :wink:

All the links without a comment will be flagged. If anyone is interested what we do, you can take a look at Github or Gitlab. We are open-source project in the end. You can see what we are doing.

Thank you for your question. Migration from Turris OS 3.x to Turris OS 5.0 for experienced users should come soon after the release of Turris OS 5.0.0 in HBS branch.