Turris OS 5.0.0 planned to be in HBT

I know that it might be very early to ask but what is the timeline for bringing 5.0 to HBS?

First, we need to see how things in HBT goes. We appreciate any feedback, which we received in HBK and it pushes us forward. There are some stuff, which needs to be fixed.

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Great, that’s a good approach. Rather safe than sorry! Take the time that’s needed, I think even TOS 3 is pretty good and people can wait.


MOX classic, ,5 Gb, WiFi, minimal config - staying on HBK, reboot after updates hangs, after powering off/on seems OK.

Nice of you to project your perspective to all the other users…

Even though reForis is implemented as default in MOX HBK/T, its Packaged tab under Package Management menu entry stucks… It was needed to allow reForis (experimental) in Foris Updater, only then it was working like in Foris :wink: It need to be mended.
Edit: Edited typo in package name. Moreover:
Sorry, it was most probably some glitch on my side - tried today again, working properly even with reForis package removed in Foris list.

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Due to unexpected technical issues, we are postponing to release after Easter.

Thanks for information. Actually my router run on 5.0 from HBK branch and everything (what I need) works well

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The same. Since I started using HBK branch I’m more happy with purchase of the router. HBS is too slow and HBK fits my needs.

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so for “experienced” users, it means a similar upgrade path as for 3 > 4…?

No, upgrade from TOS 4 to 5 will be easier.

when go the TOS5 to the HBT channel?


rofl, I am following some of the discussions since a while and I am wondering, why it has to be like this. turris omnia is a decent machine, is it more a dev, a build, a rollout, a patch problem? anywhere somebody could support to make this smooth?

somehow it is really hard to understand and/or follow in general. to be fair, the same is true fo open-wrt installation / patching of existing routers, though. :smiley:

would be good to learn more on the reality here.

Nobody knows, but you can try to catch it (and win!).

Yesterday I’ve configured my MOX as a “dumb AP”, after that change I noticed a foris process in a loop, which produces a high load on the router due to the frequent restarts …


7098 ?        R      0:01 /usr/bin/python3 /usr/bin/foris -s flup -a config -b mqtt --mqtt-host localhost --mqtt-port 11883 --mqtt-passwd-file /etc/fosquitto/credentials.plain --mqtt-controller-id 0
7244 ?        R      0:02 /usr/bin/python3 /usr/bin/foris -s flup -a config -b mqtt --mqtt-host localhost --mqtt-port 11883 --mqtt-passwd-file /etc/fosquitto/credentials.plain --mqtt-controller-id 0
7269 ?        R      0:01 /usr/bin/python3 /usr/bin/foris -s flup -a config -b mqtt --mqtt-host localhost --mqtt-port 11883 --mqtt-passwd-file /etc/fosquitto/credentials.plain --mqtt-controller-id 0

I’m on hbk branch with TurrisOS 5.0.0 02c6deab8ca88785246e505fbc953389d23548c8 / LuCI branch git-20.105.64099-eeba108

As I’m using this device only as an AP I’ve disabled the following services: dnsmasq, kresd, firewall and odhcpd

Any assistance how to debug this is really appreciated - thanks!

We released it in 3:21 AM, which means a few minutes ago from my post. :wink:


Please create a separate thread and I will ask my colleagues to look at it. Thank you.

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