New links without comments

You were warned by Turris team.

@Viktor the rule mostly applies to you. I heard some feedback that the first experience of the forum is not good and something like posting link without any comment 5 times in row, it is not helpful either. Let’s make the forum for everyone simple and clean.


Let’s make the rules for everyone simple and clean.

By dividing the topic, @Pepe have once again blunted its context. You are already looking forward to the responses of the users who will confirms your truth?


There is no truth either way, just perception.

Unfortunately your uncommented linking of Gitlab release notes (as one example) of an upcoming release in a current release thread is not perceived as something helpful - by various users and as evidenced by various of your posts being flagged off-topic (hint), even sort of counteracts the forum purpose.

Basically this a 2-way road with cause and action. If you were to stop off-topic posts, notwithstanding uncommented, the forum moderators would not have cause to interfere and this sort of thread would not be necessary.


I agree with 2-way road with cause and action. If @pepe didn’t attack everything I write, this sort of thread would not be necessary.

Off-topic flag is not gained from users, but moderators. They even created a new user account for these purposes.

You want to bring this to a closure and move on with assisting others?

If you look at your posts not each and every one is being attacked (bit strong of an emphasis).

You are not making it easy. Take the 3.11.15 release thread where you repeatedly (3-times) posted uncommented Gitlab release notes pertinent to upcoming 3.11.16. All those are flagged and you kept on going at it even if the previous one been flagged - to what end?

That is not correct. Every user can flag a post off-topic which in turn notifies the forum admin for moderation (retain or remove the flag).


Yes, I woud like.

Yes, this particular thing was a mistake. Hiding the first two posts and keeping the third, I did not dispute.

Yes, but the vast majority of posts were marked and hidden at the same time. The community has nothing to do with it.

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That is how the forum software (discourse) is coded:

  • post gets flagged by user and forum software hides the post
  • forum software notifies the poster about the post being flagged
  • forum software notifies the forum admin about the flag for further moderation (remove/retain flag, remove post, e.g in case of spam)

Sounds good, leave at that and take it from there.

I read it. But that’s not how it works now.

Definitely. Perhaps the others will leave it also.

It certainly does automatically hide posts that get flagged by non-moderators (who have good reputation). BTW, your flagging of posts from moderators… is a bit futile fight :wink:

Which post from moderators I flagged? It’s often?

I only remember one instance.

Yes, there may have been several, but it is certainly not something common. This was specifically a reaction to another flagging and also off-topic in my thread.