Wi-Fi 6 upgrade packs are now available to buy

Dear Turris community,

Our philosophy is always to support our customers during the life cycle of our devices. We stand by our philosophy. When others would encourage buying a “new” version of the device every year, we want to keep our devices up to date with hardware and software upgrades.

If you are looking for something to Christmas :christmas_tree: as a gift :gift:, consider getting a Wi-Fi 6 upgrade pack for your router.

:point_right: Turris Omnia Wi-Fi 6 upgrade kit | Discomp - networking solutions
:point_right: Turris MOX Wi-Fi 6 Addon (DBDC) | Discomp - networking solutions can be also used for Turris 1.x routers

Please let us know if you have any questions regarding these upgrade packs.


Is there anything (software-wise) that would prevent to use the MOX addon in an Omnia?

And, just if I get it correctly:

  • Turris Omnia Upgrade kit contains aw7915-np1
  • Turris MOX Upgrade kit contains aw7915-npd


From the software side, there isn’t anything that you would prevent from doing that as I’m using the miniPCIe card AW7915-NPD in Turris 1.1 router, but if you are replacing any Wi-Fi card, you should reset Wi-Fi settings in reForis and configure it again from scratch.

You are right about those miniPCIe cards in those kits.

Can we also use AW7915-NP1 to replace existing AR9287, so we’d have 3-antenna 2.4ghz and 4-antenna 5ghz network?

Well, you can do anything you like. Replace 2,4 GHz, replace 5 GHz, replace both, add third card (my TO is planned to be operated with 1 NP1 and 2 NPDs)… Feel free to plan your router according to your needs :wink:


That’s really nice to hear, thank you.

To confirm before purchasing, is the first link (the upgrade kit) compatible with the Indiegogo Turris Omnia? Or just the addon version?

Thank you for your reply and kind regards.


Really awesome, thank you for your hard work! I gotta say I was kinda miffed when the 10 year anniversary surprise was the possibility to buy a wifi6 omnia for 500 bucks and a wifi 6 upgrade pack for the MOX, but nothing like that for existing omnias.

Only one thing: Any chance that you or discomp will be selling the bare cards AW7915-NP1 & AW7915-NPD and/or a smaller kit without the case? Mine isn’t silver and I’d prefer to safe some money by drilling the holes myself. :slight_smile:
As asiarf wants 35€ for shipping excluding import duties, a EU based source would be lovely.

Thanks again for this lovely surprise and happy holidays!


Do you sell it over to partners in Germany? Or be at the CLT this year again?

We are sorry, but we don’t have plans to do that.

We will be selling even Wi-Fi 6 upgrade pack with black case, but also no plans to sell it without the case.

i also have a black case ( 2019 model i think ) and would be fine to drill the holes myself.
a black case would be another option but produces way more waste. is there an estimated date when black ( or even no) case is available?
thanks for providing an upgrade possibility.

i have read that this kit is for the 2020 model. but as i understand it should also work with the older version, right?


I can fully understand the rationale behind this decision (keeping multiple variants of essentially the same niche product is unlikely to be economic). However I also see how exchanging one’s color case (in my case a nice light blue*) can be unattractive…

*) I so wish back then users had opted for a pink version, or the lime green, not that the blue is not a nice change from the usual black or white of most traditional routers (yes I know there are the red/silver fritzboxen and some rather garish “gamer-routers”, but …)

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It is not going to make this year.

Where did you read it? I’ve checked the Discomp link and there is no such thing. I will make sure that it will be corrected.

There is no difference between Turris Omnia revisions. The HW specs remains the same, factory SW versions can be updated, so it works with any Turris Omnia router.

I currently know that before Christmas, we in the office prepared it, put it together, and shipped it to one of our distributors, Discomp.cz. It also depends on sellers and resellers if they want to have it. Sometimes, they buy it directly from Discomp.

After the holidays, I will check it with the sales department.

Very Appriciated! I’ll wait for your answer.
If you ppl would be at CLT like some years ago, would buy it directly, if possible.


Get a can of spray paint and you can have any color you want within five minutes.

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Speaking of upgrades and out of curiosity, was the LED separator ever integrated into later HW revisions of the Omnia?

Nope. The LED separator not, but the diplexer holder yes.

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:wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:

You seem to overestimate my skill level with a spray can :wink: while I am inept at spraying I do cherish a decent paint job… However getting a new cover with the upgrade set would give me a chance of a single “do-over” :wink:

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