Why different times in logs?


See the excerpt of the log of my omnia. Can someone explain why the timestamp in my log jumps back for two hours constantly?

Hypothetically; If I put my omnia in my car, and drive over the speed of 88 mph, im still safe right? :wink:

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Heh, no. The hypothetical question is wrong. The time in logs is harmless, right? It has any impact to prevent router of using? No, it does not have. In some cases, it can be confusing, but it is just timestamp in log.

As @anon50890781 pointed out and withdrawned his post, there are two issues, which was closed or have a low priority.

In one of the issue, it was mention that

Busybox utility is ignoring timezones.

However, community here found a workaround to take a look at syslog-ng.conf and edit it, if you want to fix the issue, but I haven’t tested it.

installing package zoneinfo-core might remedy the issue