What's coming in TurrisOS 4.0?

I’ve seen a few references to TurrisOS 4.0 in these forums. Given that developers like to put new things in round numbered releases, what can we expect to see in 4.0?

Will be based on latest OpenWRT/LEDE.


Yes, support of latest OpenWRT/LEDE is main goal of Turris OS 4.0 …


What is the time plan for this activity?

For Omnia “late 2018” - whatever “late” means :wink:
There will be several phases.
Experienced users will be able to install TOS 4 in the summer, but they may have problems migrating some packages. These are issues that we deal with on an ongoing basis until the end of the year so as soon as possible can be automatically transferred to the TOS 4 users who could not handle themselves.

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I guess, no plans for TOS4 on Turris. Only for Omnia. Am I correct ?

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I think you are wrong :wink:

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Turris OS 4.0 will be also available for Turris 1.x. The ETA is same or maybe earlier than for Turris Omnia.

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is there a public repo for this, yet?

and will you upstream any important changes to OpenWrt? it’s still missing the driver for the LEDs in the omnia, for example.

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And builds are named as *-next on https://repo.turris.cz/

oh nice, thanks :slight_smile:

and i got another question: did you ever encounter this bug (https://forum.lede-project.org/t/router-misbehaving-after-wan-connection-drops/11896/17) which basically creates an oom-condition when an interface goes up or down sometimes - which must somehow be mvebu or multicore related - while testing upstream openwrt?

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We are not that far with Omnia yet. Kernel developers are currently working on Mox and not Omnia. Because of that we are not yet in phase where we are testing stuff. At the moment we have Turris OS 4.0 running on Turris 1.x and we are close to making it so it’s possible to update from 3.x to 4.0. But on top of Omnia kernel we are still missing multiple packages and there is still a lot of work a head of us. That is the current state. We might be further next week or week after. It depends on how smooth some stuff will go.
So current status is that we have pretty much Turris 1.x, Mox and Omnia without kernel. We have user space for all three platforms but some of our packages are not yet fixed/ported.

will the Mox ship with Turris OS 4.0 from the beginning?

yes, that’s right.

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can we have some update on the current status of 4.0 (especially for Omnia)?

see this thread. basically the Turris team said “they are working on it” and it will release when it’s ready.

Can’t wait for it :wink:


I’m looking forward to being able to use Turris Omnia as a bluetooth sink with a USB bluetooth device.

I think that the following upstream commit helps: