Developer update #4

What is the point when:

  • 2 developers left and there is no mentioning of replacement. Since it is not clear what their duties been it is thus not clear whether or to which extent their departure slows the development of TOS4.x

  • Maintenance of TOS3.x is scraping along to the best abilities of the TO team (diminishing manpower and added M development) but the gap with upstream keeps widening to no end, as pointed out earlier

  • development resources are focused on the M, which has a way smaller user base compared to T & O. The particular requirements for the T & O have not even started development which becomes apparent when testing 4.HBD.

Mind you of TO team statements from the 1st half of last year (not that 2018 could be explicitly inferred as meaning of year, could be any year in the future indeed and 2018 has passed by now)

compared to (machine translation). At least it infers 2019 as year…

We expect it this year, but we do not have a more accurate estimate for the time being, so far we are still very unknown and we are still solving Mox.