Vote when Turris OS 5.0 will be in HBT [RESULTS]

When will be TOS 5 in HBT?

If you hit, you will win chocolate!

  • 6.4. 2020
  • 7.4. 2020
  • 8.4. 2020
  • 9.4. 2020
  • 10.4. 2020

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What’s wrong with my post?

Split to the new topic day after? Are you serious?

Are you serious? Starting a public vote on when the Turris team will do some release step? What’s the point? To me it felt very much like trolling. I even doubt you don’t do this intentionally.


Some time ago my opinion was that it’s better not to be much restrictive against you, but now it seems to me that it leads nowhere and you’re only getting worse.

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So we have another censor of everything I write. Liked by @pepe, who had previously voted.

Three people flagged it as Off-topic. Yes, I voted, but there is no useful meaning of it as I wanted to know the results. :wink: And yes. I spllited it after one day. Didn’t get to it sooner.

16 people voted and three flagged. You can only know the result. And I am troll. Really?

What the point of the poll then?

I see no likes on the poll, by the way, so I don’t perceive the reaction of the community so positively.

Each of my answers is wrong and you only find there confirmation of your steps.

Look, I understand that you are frustrated about the perceived speed of progress and “quality” of communication about plans and progress. I do not share your assessment, but I consider this to be a subjectivematter and your position just as valid as mine.
But, your frustration seems to make you act in ways that appear to be rather rude and counter-productive t what I assume to be your goals.
Maybe you take some time to reconsider what exactly you want to achieve here, ad how to make your points in a way that will result in a general consensus and “buy-in” from the team?
Going around, “kicking people against their shins” does not strike me as the most effective method of getting stuff done, and yet your posts start to veer into the verbal analog of shin-kicking…

You probably misunderstand it, the poll had no such reason.

Really? The poll is harmless, has

and the poster has to live with the forum rules/moderation, such if the post gets flagged. Forum administrators already expressed their opinion/reasoning and engaged the poster on the subject.

Thus chiding the poster in such manner seems rather uncalled for. Unfortunately it is not the first time you are trying to rebuke other forum users that are not aligned with your point of view.

Let me ask again then… what useful reason did the poll have?

Let me answer again… each of my answers is wrong and you only find there confirmation of your steps.

Look, if you consider @viktor’s recent behavior productive or acceptable, good for you. IMHO he is showing signs of frustration, and I think for everybody involved it would be better to transform that frustration into something more productive.

If you consider “passive-aggressive” tendencies to be harmless, which I do not…

Yes, a forum is only as decent as the behaviour of its members, so I reserve the right to call out wrong behavior, just as you do.

Oh, okay. I didn’t realize that was meant as answer to that question on usefulness of the poll. Thanks for making the quality of your contributions much clearer to me.

I don’t know why I should be frustrated. Because some software has not been released yet?

What are you talking about? But if you want, I can give you examples of active aggression from the Turris team.

Even a moderator should behave well and set an example.

You are an administrator on the forum?

Perhaps then heeding your own advice? Wading into a discourse between the poster and the forum admins and chiding the poster in such manner (insinuating poster frustration and wording "kicking people against their shins”) seems to veer in that direction.

Not that it explains of how you mark the poll as something passive-aggressive or even derive a frustration from it.

Never said/implied that I condone or defend the user’s actions, au contraire

Again you are insinuating something.