Turris OS 6.5.0 is released!

Dear Turris users,

we just released Turris OS 6.5.0. It contains important security fixes for curl and samba, but also some bug fixes. Full changelog follows and as always, we would be glad for any feedback.

:rocket: New Features
• pkglist: Add option to update the firmware to the latest version
• kernel: Support for new features in MCU firmware
• kernel: Turris 1.x is now using 5.15 kernel
• ipv6: Little tweaks to the default configuration (does not affect existing networks)
• ipv6: Support pref64 (RFC 8781)
• easycwmp: Improve integration - fix Wi-Fi information and serial number/software version getters
• easybird: Support for simple Bird configuration in LuCI
• knot-resolver6: Preview of Knot Resolver 6 available for testing
• morce: Aggregated notifications and ignore list

:pushpin: Updates
• kernel: Updated to version 5.15.146
• openssh: Updated to version 9.6p1

:bug: Bug Fixes
• modem-manager-autosetup: Detect and don’t break 3G setups
• mwan3: Enable configuration by default
• foris-controller-openvpn: Fix configuration when when router is both VPN server and client
• turris-netboot: various fixes and more debugging options


standard Indy Omnia & Mox Classic all good.
Now i wait till other daredevils are going for the Uboot firmware update


Dear team,

care to elaborate on this? As far as I understand this is similar to BBF’s TR-069/369 which allows remote administrative access to routers from the ISP side. Are there any ISPs that require this or is there any other intended use-case for that? (Knowing you guys (and showing the trust you earned over the years), I expect this to be off by default so I am not stressed about this, but just want to know a bit more.)

Indy Omnia good here as well. And also going to wait about U-Boot firmware upgrade.

Also there is an option now to update factory image? I bet I would like to do this, since I think I removed the BTRFS snapshot for the factory image anyway. But I do keep pre and post snapshots for a few updates.

yes, there is a command available to do this in the CLI interface. I just did that recently for both machines. cmd “schnapps update-factory” did the trick here.

Don’t forget to update your router to the latest firmware and give feedback to other forum users!

You can find it in the “Package management”->“Packages” tab in reForis.

The recommended procedure is Factory image, MCU and U-boot and rescue image.

Volunteers willing to update all items at once are welcome.

TO 2016, HBS branch, 2 GB, 2x WiFi, HaaS, RIPE Atlas, Sentinel, lxc, SSD (logs etc), simple config, all seems OK.

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And firmware update?

The update fails with the followig error message:

Updater execution failed:
INFO:Target Turris OS: 6.5.0
line not found
inconsistent: Requested package postfix that is not available.
line not found
line not found
line not found
line not found

Is still rely on the postfix MTA…

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There is new piece of document: Firmware update - Turris Documentation

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Interesting setence. “The Failed in this output means, that you had an outdated U-Boot or rescue system and it is going to be updated.”

Or something else. You’ll find out after the reboot.

Turris 1.1 - all seems OK.


Also with firmware update?

It is a package that is available in the feeds and it is not enabled by default. It is just something that came up in discussions with potential clients and since we played with it a little bit, we included it in the release. If you want, you can try to experiment with it, but I would advice against that.

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Firmware update is marked experimental, not mandatory :wink: Our intention is to provide early-adopter an easy way to test it and help us smooth the path for the rest :wink:


Not included in the changelog!

Nothing should rely on Postfix now. You can check the dependency in the command line by this command:

opkg whatdepends postfix

The given package (probably from some old version of TOS) can be uninstalled then:

opkg remove <package>

That works! schnapps factory-version shows 6.5.0 now. Thanks.


nor-update on Indy Omnia Turris, never updated firmware before:

Verifying /dev/mtd0 against uboot ...
02ac[…] - /dev/mtd0
a3a0[…] - uboot
Warning: Bad CRC, using default environment
Unlocking /dev/mtd0 ...
Erasing /dev/mtd0 ...

Writing from uboot to /dev/mtd0 ...     
Verifying /dev/mtd1 against rescue ...
d4a7[…] - /dev/mtd1
550b[…] - rescue
Unlocking /dev/mtd1 ...
Erasing /dev/mtd1 ...

Writing from rescue to /dev/mtd1 ...

Thankfully it boots. :smirk:

How can I determine that it indeed has new firmware version now?