Turris OS 6.0.0 is coming to HBK

Dear Turris community,

Today (edit: postponed to the next week) we are moving Turris OS 6.0 from HBL (Here Be Lions) to HBK (Here Be Kittens) development branch - as described in our workflow document and (briefly) in future release testing documentation.

Transitions of OpenWrt 22.03 and OpenWrt master based Turris OS to HBL and HBD branches (respectively) will follow.

This affects only users who opted for testing future Turris OS releases by manually switching their devices to HBK or less stable development branches. Turris OS 6.0 testing and stable releases will be announced separately.

Turris OS 6.0 brings a whole lot of changes as described in the changelog:

:boom: Breaking Changes

  • Based on the latest OpenWrt 21.02.3 release
    • LuCI supports L2 and L3 configuration
  • LTS kernel 5.15
  • Foris removed (use reForis exclusively now)

:rocket: New Features

  • Morce (integrated IDS)
  • Wi-Fi 6 cards supported
  • Turris Auth (login gateway)
  • Parental control (PaKon) now has a separate page
  • New LEDs driver for all routers
  • Dashboard in LuCI
  • NetMetr supports measurement with IPv6 address
  • Improved support for Turris 1.x routers
    • New Device Tree
    • PowerPC SPE utilized – should improve performance
    • Knot Resolver by default

:bug: Bug Fixes

  • Allow managing interfaces in reForis for Turris 1.x
  • Fixed Ethernet ports numbering for Turris MOX in reForis

:pushpin: Updates

  • Python version 3.7 ➔ 3.9
  • Lighttpd version ➔ 1.4.66

:package: Other Changes

  • Obsolete SIDN package feed dropped

There are still some issues remaining. The most important one being Mox SDIO Wi-Fi addon card not working.

We are also postponing HBK 5➔6 update for Turris 1.x devices because their startup time with Linux 5.15 is currently extremely long (which causes other problems).

You can track our progress towards fixing the remaining issues under Turris OS 6.0 milestone in our GitLab.

In case you have a device in HBK branch and wish to stay on Turris OS 5 until 6.0 reaches testing or stable release, you can do so by switching to HBT or HBS branch as described in the documentation.


And our Christmas winners is…

Unfortunately, OpenWrt 21.02 will be EOL at February 2023 (not 5.15 kernel from the OpenWrt master).

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Fortunately, the transition to OpenWrt 22.03 should be much simpler than the current one to 21.02 (probably the only bigger change in this regard being the switch to nftables). Speaking of kernel - we are on 5.15 already with Turris OS 6 (as noted in the changelog).


So does it mean that HBL will have 22.03 soon? Or already? Is it TOS 7.x then?

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Sounds good!

Yes, that’s I wrote.

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this I generally check in the feeds file for the Turris builds:

You can see which OpenWRT sources are pulled for a particular branch of Turris OS, by selecting which build in the top menu.

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After dallying around for months I will have a go at this this weekend (I do not want to inflict major new versions on my family during the work week when I can not troubleshoot/revert in a timely fashion).

I concur with Victor (at least I believe we agree) that a speedy jump to an OpenWrt22 base would be nice, but first let’s get TOS6 out to everybody :wink:

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Dear Turris community,
We need to postpone the HBL➔HBK transition to the next week (presumably Monday). Please excuse the delay.

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Great timing, was just about to switch to HBK. If I might ask, what is the hold-up? Something I should be concerned about or nothing to worry about (I am on an crowdfunded omnia) so I could start with HBL?

Nothing has changed except the transition timing, therefore no reason for worries.

If you wish to go to Turris OS 6.0 branch now by switching to HBL there’s no problem with that - I’d just recommend bearing in mind the upcoming transition and using manual updates or update approvals until the branch transition commences and you switch-branch back to HBK - that way your router won’t accidentally end up in what is now called HBD.

We will keep this thread updated and announce the transition is done here, nevertheless… but better safe than rollback, I think.

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Wow such a great news finally. I had been personally waiting for this for so long.
My only question is if the HBL medkit foris and LuCi was already fixed ? As I commented in thread WiFi 6 (ax) adapter - #124 by Twinkie
If so I will give it test on Turris 1X and try it from the scratch via schnapps import -f once this will be released.

Oh, nice. Was the blocker issue with switch and VLANs finally fixed? IIRC it was the one which prevented this transition.

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@viktor I was once told on turris IRC channel that I should not expect that everything will be fixed at once. And you should not as well. These are still DEVelopment branches. I am sure when it reaches HBS all the issues you mentioned will be fixed. Some users (as myself) need new features thats why they can deal with the bugs this releases contain. And thats normal and described in docs about testing releases. “Early access” was called the documentation page. I advise you to read it.


I’m not interested in whatever beef you have with the Turris team, thanks.


It’s just anwer to @einar.

It’s just anwer to your question about fixes.

@borek Which version is currently supported?
TOS 5 is broken WAN (eth2) issue on turris v1 with 5.x (#323) · Issues · Turris / Turris OS / Turris Build · GitLab
TOS4-1 not supported
Turris 1.x

You also said today we will switch today. After that it was announced that no.

@Twinkie I still have problems

About Turris 1.x routers, the support for these routers are going under heavy changes, which you can expect in the future (some of them are mentioned in NEWS already). Currently, we suffer with OpenWrt kernel 5.15, when the router takes quite time to boot (approx. 5-10 minutes at least in my case) and then you need to start services manually to work. We don’t know why it happens for now and because Turris OS 6.0 needs to go out really soon, thus we postpone the update just for this router.


Once Turris OS 6.0 is out, we will terminate support for older Turris OS/OpenWrt versions as we did in the past. That’s why Turris OS 5.0 will not be supported anymore, and you can not blame us that we are not going to support even older versions of OpenWrt as OpenWrt does not support them as well.

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You will release TOS 6 for Omnia and MOX, not for Turris 1.x and terminate support for the older TOS?

OpenWrt 22.03 is already in the HBD branch, so if you would like to try it, be my guest as you seem you want to have the latest changes and those which come from OpenWrt. :slight_smile:
Yes, once Turris OS 6.0 leaves the HBL branch, then in HBL, there is going to be Turris OS 7.0, and in HBD, you will have master branches.


To update myself, I had to run a few other tests over the weekend which I did not want to be potentially affected by wobbles introduced by TOS6 I opted for sticking to TOS5, so I guess I will wait for TOS6 to make it into HBK after all.

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