Turris OS 5.4 is out

Dear Turris community,

We just released Turris OS 5.4 from the testing branch to the stable branch. This version is still based on OpenWrt 19.07, but we hope to bring you Turris OS 6.0 based on OpenWrt 21.02 soon.

What’s new?

:boom: Breaking changes
• PHP update from version 7.2 to 7.4

:rocket: New Features
• Timezone in email notifications

:bug: Bug Fixes
• reForis fix session handling when time is wrong

:pushpin: Updates
• Nextcloud from version 20.0.4 to 21.0.9
• Unbound to version 1.16.2
• Kernel to version 4.14.290

This update will be applied automatically for all of our devices unless you are using approvals or delayed updates. In that case, we suggest looking at reForis for further details. If you would find any bugs or regressions, please reach our support department they will gladly help you.

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Where is @pepe? Is he still Release manager?

Version still 5.3.11 after reboot.

After proper update?

testing? my turris just recommended me installing this and I use hbs

Aug  9 19:16:26 turris updater[2847]: updater.lua:98 (Globals): Queue upgrade of turris-version/base/5.4.0[5.3.11]
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same here on Omina 2016

Turris OS 5.4.1 loading… :grin:

/etc/turris-version says 5.4.0, but the following files (at least) still say 5.3.11:


looks like someone forgot to change it everywhere

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Good eyes! :eyes:
Thanks for spotting it. I fixed it yesterday.

Oh, someone forgot to post known bugs. This is just a cosmetic thing, which happened even in the past. Nothing to worry about! :wink: It does not affect anything.

Like it is in mentioned one meme, which I need to quote: “It hasn’t been easy, but it’s happening!” :tada:

Update avaliable only for Omnia, not for MOX.

Turris OS 5.4 is available for all our routers. This means Turris 1.x, Turris Omnia, Turris MOX and Turris Shield.

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Probably not for my MOX.

fixed as “now really only in testing” or “now it’s in hbs”?

The issue was only in the description. It’s in hbs as the new edited description says.

The same for me … my Luci GUI says still version 5.3.11

My LuCI on MOX too, because no new update was come.

I still think you might only be looking at the version in the banner/luci which is unfortunately wrong in this release as I mentioned earlier. Try running opkg list-installed | grep turris-version, it should say this:

turris-version - 5.4.0

The kernel version (uname -a after a reboot) should be 4.14.290. Reforis should also show you the correct version.

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The version mismatch will be fixed in Turris OS 5.4.1, which we will release next week. Sorry for any inconvenience caused by this, and stay tuned for updates!


Hi all :slight_smile: when approximately will be 6.0 stabil out? :slight_smile:

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Probably not until a few months and with outdated OpenWrt. But with a new kernel.