Turris OS 4.0 beta7 is released!

viz @Pepe:

After some investigations, we decided to postpone the update for Turris MOX to fix this issue properly. Thank you for your understanding.

I think it was possible a few minutes between adding the missing package and postponed the release.


It was postponed due to properly fix the reported issue about missing package “mox-support”. Even the package is added back, it does not necessarily mean that there is released beta8 for Turris MOX.
It was just released for Turris Omnia.

Colleagues, who are heading to FrOSCon this weekend, are planning to release Turris OS 4.0 beta 8 for Turris MOX, so we can have only one Turris OS 4.0 version for both of our routers. Most likely it will be released today. Once it is released, I will let you know about it.


This error occurs only when you have removed wan interface in LuCI or in CLI. If you don’t use WAN interface, just disable it.

i think it is a bit more complicated than this? I do use WAN, to be more specific a WAN with VLAN.
i had to make a eth0.6 as a PPPoE WAN interface in luci, since my ISP is running vlan 6 as the internet part.
Good thing is that it runs ok now on the luci side, but do have this every X hour in the kernel log [53182.991744] ath10k_pci 0000:02:00.0: Cannot communicate with firmware, attempting to fake crash and restart firmware.

not sure if this helps?

New state in beta7, but without incoming e-mail.

Testing message was sent, please check your inbox.

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Perfect :slight_smile: