Turris OS 3.8.2 out with DNS and security fixes

Dear Turris users,
the Turris OS 3.8.2 had been released few seconds ago.

The main thing of this release are repairs of DNS handling mistakes due to changes in unbound and dnsmasq and there is also a number of security fixes!

Take a look:

  • knot-resolver: automatically, temporally turn off IPv6 if it doesn’t work
  • mac80211: few fixes from LEDE
  • nethist: fixed crash when too many interfaces are present on the router
  • dnsmasq and swconfig: fix broken dhcp and switch after Turris Omnia update from factory
  • nextcloud-install: better database handling
  • new kernel for better security
  • new OpenVPN for better security
  • possible fix for Turris 1.x random reboots based on few logs we got from testers. Worked for us too :slight_smile:

Stay secure and online!
We are looking forward to reading your feedback!


The update was once again installed despite approval being enabled.

just to be really clear here, this addresses the vulnerabilities described here:


found by google here:


after the update and restart, there is no internet, wifi and disks

Why are you quoting me and replacing what I have said by something else?

He used translator for what you said, but why he quoted different thing I dont know.

@anarcat See responds here:

We are sorry, we will work it out soon. Thanks for the report!

Could you also share the screenshots of your updates settings with us on tech.support@turris.cz? That would help us :wink:

No, it is not fixed in 3.8.2 but will be in 3.8.3 soon.

You can also take a look here:

The email has just been sent!

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It is a pleasure to have users as cooperative as you are :wink: Thanks!

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I have the same issue after update to 3.8.2, no internet, no wifi, no disks. But 3.8.2 RC had no problem with internet, wifi or disks.
I have Turris 1.1, btrfs filesystem on SD card.
Rolled back to 3.8.1, I’ll do it again tonight and send logs to the tech support, now I need a functional router.

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same problems in here … very quick overview what I have noticed: no mount of extrenal flash -> possible module error, no internet -> no iptables running -> kernel version/module error ??? more details at evening when I am home

The same issue, no wifi, no internet, no disks and no kernel image found in serial console.

Edit: Turris 1.0 with BTRFS

After installation and reset, some sites are not available.

DNS server address www.servis24.cz, www.fio.cz was not found.

Turris 1.0 w BTRFS on SD - Internet works on box but no NAT, lsmod shows no modules, firewall restart shows iptables issues (cant load tables)

I have the same issue on my router Turris 1.x (with BTRFS on microSD card).
Router has the internet connection, but LAN no. Wifi is off. No disks are mounted (only tmpfs and /)

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The question is, who is responsible for testing on old hardware - Turris 1.x . We had many fails in history, but this one is really huge. Pls answer, Turris team.


Same problem for me. Which screen should I capture - foris update or do you need additional config files?

Please capture your updates settings screen, you’ll be asked for more by our staff on tech.support@turris.cz