Turris Omnia 2022

Until now, there has been only czech news about the upcoming TO:

It has been presented in Las Vegas and Barcelona by now, but no english news have been sent out (on twitter only an information that it is being presented) as well as no ETAs.
Will there be some news soon or is it only work in process?



Yeah, right. So here is what we can share right now in English:

CPU 2GHz Quad-Core 64-bit, more RAM (4GB and higher),Wi-Fi 6, 5G ready, 2x 10Gbps interface (WAN & LAN), internal SSD option.

Unfortunately, no ETA yet. But we aim for 2022.


Btw, I will do my best to share pictures from the event, once it will be over and I will catch up on all the stuff. Till then, please, take a look on our social media, especially on Twitter which I try to keep up-to-date before I will be able to update also the rest of our social media stack.

And thanks a lot for all the support!


Great to read that you guys work on a successor to the current TO. The red prototype with the cooling fins looks really great. Perhaps you can share a picture of the board … would love to see it. Anyhow, I certainly shall replace my current three TO’s with these once.

Please guys, If you got SFP+ in the new router - make it available for LAN/WAN. I would love to be able to connect to another device with fiber.

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Please take your time to develop and test it, I really do not want another “Mox release”.


Do you know if current Turris Omnia can handle 1 Gbps connection? The new one with the specs definitely should. I also hope that WiFi will be better with the new model as I saw many complaints with the current line. I think I might be the only one who doesn’t like the chassis (appearance) comparing to the current model which I very like (I have a metallic silver version of 2020 retail release).

I suppose price will be higher - 10 to 12k CZK at least.

Also nobody mentioned PoE but it would come in handy (for an AP).


One feature I would like to see is a physical button to ask the router to request ´nice´ (shutdown -h, etc). When things go really wrong, i hate just pulling the plug.


really like what I see from turris, hope these are easy to obtain in australia… don’t deal with amazon for ethical reasons and there are no cost effective alternatives…


looks nice! Do you have some estimated price tag in €?

I dont like the chasis and color. But its up to personal choice. But I am sure I will stay with old Omnia. No need for 10Gbps traffic when my ISP speed is a bottleneck. But someone with fiber connectiom could make use of new model.


The specs look nice but realistically, if RAM and Gigabit aren’t limiting factors with the current Omya (they aren’t for me) then one can already add an SSD, WiFi 6 and 5G and have a great router.

After all, that’s the whole point of going with a modular device.

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Well, CPU is already the limiting factor when it comes to traffic shaping. The current TO delivers up to ~500 MB/s symmetrical speeds with sqm activated (which is best in class for a current embedded device - please have a look for @moeller0 's expertise in this forum and forum.openwrt.org). So if you want symmetrical 1 GB/s with low to zero bufferbloat, you can either choose an X86 device or wait for this nice piece of hardware.
Another point is modem speeds for 4G/5G: right now the relevant port is connected only via USB2.0, so maximum speeds would be around 240 MB/s. 4G can (at least in Germany in selected spots) already deliver 500 MB/s, not speaking of 5G speeds…
You are right, when it comes to Wi-Fi6 - with adding a USB 3.0-5 GBE-adapter you can nearly max out single highspeed Wi-Fi6-connections (which are connected with mPCIe using 2 GB/s bandwidth, so a 4*4 x4 card should deliver near to maximum wireless speeds on 5 GHz and for sure maximum 2,4 GHz speeds).

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when I tested omnia 2019, it could handle ~932 MBps. This seems to be limit of ethernet connection. The next limit will be number of packets per second. I have 500mbit now (1g was for test only) so i can only test that one.


But this is without bufferbloat reduction. CPU of TO (Indiegogo/2019/2020) is simply not powerful enough to do traffic shaping at bidirectional line speed (~930 MB/s).
TO 2022 should be able to do so (given a decent ARM quadcore).

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I am very eager for this new product and excited. Because Omnia is a great router and it really needed a nice update on the hardware side. Congratulations.


We would absolutely love to have an AD in Australia and we are open to any discussion with a potential ADs from any part of the world.

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The chasis and it’s color mat be a subject to change.


Do you have partners in France ?
What is the target price ?
More technical question, bave you any details specifications ?
Will it be as for all past and actual Turris devices a Marvell SoC base ?
Can you tell more about the price ?
Will the components all mainline in linux ?
Also WiFi 6 ?
What manufacturer for the addons ?
Will there be extensions possible, like GPIO or MikroBus ?
Will the board work on OpenWrt also or only on turris ?
Will it have eMMC ?
How much ?
Will it have uboot bootloader ?
Will it be mainlined ?

Thanks in advance for all the precious details you will gave us !

Yes, check out our website.

Not decided yet.

Not more than what was said publicly already.

That is the current plan.

Not at the moment.

We will try our best. Might not be at the moment it would be released, but as you know, we are upstreaming patches over the time and fixing whatever we can.


Don’t understand, most of the accessory we do ourself.

Most likely something will be available, not decided what at the moment.

It will run Turris OS which is just thin layer on top of OpenWrt, so in fact both.

We are leaning toward uSD but details are not decided yet.

It will use U-Boot, might not be everything in mainline at the moment it would be released, but as you know, we are upstreaming patches over the time and fixing whatever we can.