Turris MOX unresolved issues

Turris MOX from Indiegogo campaing was released eight months ago and now is in retail offer.

MOX SDIO still can´t support multiple SSID and 802.1x and 5 GHz mode are unstable.

MOX A still sometimes unpredictable hangs after restart and manual disconnection from the power supply is required.

Both of these problems prevent me from using MOX in a production environment. I would like to know when and how these problems will be solved.

I know that this has been mentioned in this discussion forum before, but nowhere has it been satisfactorily answered.


Did you do an firmware downgrade for the SDIO-firmware as it has been suggested?

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Sure, but it´s not solved 802.1x and 5 GHz and firmware downgrade is still not official merged to TOS.

I’m not able to connect more than 8 clients to SDIO Wifi.
WPA2 PSK (CCMP), 2.4Ghz.

Are you experiencing same issue?

I bought two MOX with SDIO as AP extender for my Omnia. I still can’t use them for their intended purpose because they don’t work correctly. There are so many real use problems that I don’t even know what their real cause is. I never had a problem with Omnia.

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Definitelly. I feel the same.

Reboot does not work, SDIO Wifi is holy crap (no stable 5GHz, no multi SSID, no 802.1x, max 8 clients, …). PCIe Wifi is a little bit better. Both of them have low signal strength.

I bought it to have stable, rock solid device. Dissapointed.

I please Turris team for a serious answer.

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I am still waiting for answer. Or it’s not important?

Next unresolved issue is unexpected SDIO disconnection even if it is firmly attached to the board and there are no shakes.

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I understand that there are some issues but I will really appreciate more transparency.

Issue A: we are investigating with …
Issue B: we are working on it, fix in HBD soon
Issue C: feature, not possible to solve, will not be solved

Thank you

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Great news for SDIO (except 5 GHz unstability and physical disconnections):

I am ready for testing in HBL!


New patches are coming to TOS 5.0.1. Thanks to Pavol Rohar for investigating!

It will be my pleasure to test multiSSID mesh network on 5 GHz!

New patches are coming to TOS 5.0.3.

Edit: Updates is now in HBK.

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Unpredictable hangs solution for TOS 5.0.3?

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It’s official. MOX SDIO (and MOX Pocket Wi-Fi also) allow maximum of 8 concurrent clients connected to it.