Turris MOX hardware specifications

Did I read the wiki correctly, that the power connector will have plus on the outside and minus on the inside connector? Really?

Round power connector with internal diameter 2.1 mm, 12V, max 3.3A (parameters of the supplied source). Plus (positive) is on the outside connector, minus (negative) on the internal connector

I know that there is probably no “paper” standard related to this… but I’m not aware of any device which will have it connected this way … and please show me some widely available adapter connected this way (not the “universal” one, which is sometime switchable)…

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There is other thing on wiki I’m confused, There is written that Module B has embedded ac WiFi (or at least that’s how I understand it) ??!!

Knowing that I wouldn’t hesitate with super early bird :man_facepalming:

Could someone from Turris team explain that please? @Tangero @miska ?

What I know the power supply is the same as for Turris Omnia.

@Mike Mox B it’s only PCIe module w/o WiFi, but if you buy Classic or Power Wi-Fi set you will find in this module inserted 2.4 GHZ / 5 GHz WiFi card 3x3 MIMO.

Thanks for quick response. In that way it is IMHO very unclear on wiki :slight_smile:

something like “The module is (or could be) supplied with ONE of the following” would be better

It seems that you are trying hard to provide as much information you could as soon it’s possible but bit double checking would avoid misinterpretations.

What I know the power supply is the same as for Turris Omnia.

Well… it’s not.
On Turris Omnia, the adapter have plus on the internal connector and minus on the cover.

So I’m not sure if it’s not too late, but please please reconsider it and change it to the common (even probably not written) standard…

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Also, please reconsider making MOX A PoE ready in a similar way to Raspberry Pi 3B+ – replace magjack with a PoE-ready one and connect the central taps to a 2×2 pinheader, so users can attach custom PoE modules to suit their needs. In device purposed also as a small remote AP, some kind of PoE is a must.


The Power supply for Mox is the same, as for Omnia, Plus is in the middle, outside is minus.


I’m really glad, that it is only a typo on the wiki, thanks :)…

f**k - that was really a typo :frowning: thank you, corrected

we are considering it. We have ordered samples and we will see …

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will be available 4xEthernet compatible with SFP module?

Thank you

No, you can’t combine those two. (A passthru network module is considered for future…)

Does the new E module have a software configurable switch like the Omnia, or is it a dumb switch? I haven’t seen personally seen many 9 port smart switches around.

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Yes, it will be manageable like the Turris Omnia.

for an AP poe support would be nice, perhaps like the Pi poe Hat does.