Turris MOX hardware specifications

That’s also what I’m thinking.

Yes, of-course, they are on different SDIO lines.

How much ram it will have? If we buy the offer, can we add modules during the campaign?

Thank you for developing another awesome product.

512MB/1GB RAM.
Sorry, on IGG you can not add modules in one shipping packages in more orders. You need to order at once :frowning: (that is not our limitation, just IGG)

We are delighted that you like Mox idea :slight_smile:

nice april fools ;] I remember last year pink omnia

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Can we see a photo of the bottom side of the basic module?

If I read the announcement leaflet right, that should work by putting the GSM card in the core module with WAN port, SIM reader, and power circuitry; at home with other modules (multiple GLAN switches etc.) connected it would operate as cellular backup, while on the road it would switch to cellular-to-GLAN router.

Nope, sim slot with mpcie slot for wwan card is in addon module

My bad.
But it still makes sense:

  • for SOHO router, you take core module plus GLANswitch / fiber modules on one side and optional GSM module on the other side of core module.
  • when you leave for vacation (assuming you don’t need the home network staying online), you take the core module + GSM with you and it switches itself to the GSM router mode.
  • in the [GSM - core - (multiple) WLAN modules - (multiple) GLAN / fiber modules] setup you can take the [GSM+core+WLAN] part with you and you’d have an option to use it either as a standard router with wifi AP and cellular backup, or an AP-client mode router with cellular backup, or cellular router with GLAN port and wifi AP.
  • or you can build yourself a wireless routing repeater in WLAN-core-WLAN setup.
  • or, at the very least, you don’t have to choose from gazzilion of vaguely similar models for different situations; you just take the core + extensions to fit your scenario, and assemble

I, for example, would right now use a router with multiple cellular modems (one for every operator OR just as many as I need at the moment) and configurable number of GLAN ports, better incorporating an SSDfor a caching proxy; even better making it available as a NAS.
All in a single, passively cooled, 1U rackmount package. With passthrough bus on all modules and proper interconnection, it could even be stackable into multi-U setups.
Or I can use a Cisco instead, for much more money.

If the MOX network interfacing modules worked as regular miniPCIe NIC’s, it could even be used as a generic modular server. With the possibility to use picoITX boards for (slightly larger) core module you could build a much more powerful server, still passively cooled and without moving parts, possibly dust-proofed.

But as I proceed reading the previous posts, the MOX project is nowhere near as ambitious :frowning:

How much power will the basic MOX module with wifi use (ampere/watt)?

Cca 3W …

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I’d love it if you could somehow modularise the RAM too. Don’t like 1GB? Take it out and stick 2GB in!

(no idea if that would even be possible though…)

Also, with the SSD module, would it be possible to run LXC images on the MOX?

How many MOX acting as extenders can connect to an Omnia? Is mesh possible?

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Before someone from Turris team will answer you my guess is that there’s no limitation and mesh will be possible just partially (that means only in one band or as LAN bridge on MOX) without additional module with second wifi card. I guess it will support what OpenWRT/LEDE support.

I’m curious if and what remote/central management possibilities are planned for TurrisOS as it will make sense for multiple devices (regardless of connection type - mesh, wired)

And second question (even though I unfortunately know answer) - is there any hope for xDSL module in the future or it’s dead as SMRT

Yes, it will be possible, just mind your RAM.

“SMRT” is a perfect name for a dead project :smiley: I wonder if the author anticipated its fate on the very beginning…


SMRT -> DSL modem Small Modem for Router Turris…


I am also wondering if the MOX can extend wireless access by connecting to the Omnia via ethernet. The advantage being saving wireless badwidth on talking to the Omnia.

Wishing that it will use standard micro usb to deiver power so that it can also be used as LTE wifi router while travelling with power bank/computer USB as power source.

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My guess is that the main reason for picking this name was the absolutely deserved hatred towards the only DSL provider of the time, the O2.