Support for Quectel EP06 LTE-A?


Does anyone know when support for this mini-pci card will be added?

If it won’t be added by the Omnia team, is there a way I can add it myself?

Also, in RC 3.11 is the WiFi module WLE900VX now fully functional? Prior to RC 3.11, if this card was installed, my current Quectel LTE card would not work correctly.

Thank you, please advise.


Hello @robroy90,

I see this is just one line patch, so it shouldn’t break anything. I will see if I can add it by myself, if not I will ask my colleagues to do it for you.

If there’d be anything new, I’ll tell you, because we’d like to have feedback, if it works or not.

About the issue, which you mention about the LTE card. Would you please tell us more details about it?



Thank you for responding to me. I would really appreciate it if the team could add support for the Quectel EP06 LTE-Advanced mini-pci card, I would really appreciate it. The older Quectel EC20 card works just fine for me with Verizon here in the United States, but the EP06 card supports LTE-Advanced speeds that I would like to obtain. I bought the EP06 card and installed it to see if it would be recognized, but it wasn’t. I even tried to add it manually, but that did not work That leads me to believe the kernel needs to be modified to add support for it.

Please let me know how I can work with you directly moving forward, as I will be glad to support this endeavor in any way I can.

Thank you very much,



Same problem here, I would like to work with EP06 :slight_smile:



I was looking into it, it took me a little time as I don’t compile locally yet, but I did it!

In a few minutes, I will push it into the nightly branch. So around the afternoon you can try it, if you want, but nightly build are for experienced users as sometimes there could be something broken.

It will be part of Turris OS 3.11. However, I’d appreciate any feedback regarding this modem as I have some hint that for working QMI it will requires additional patch.

Module for LTE Cat 6 (or more), which buy?



I am on the rc branch, and my Omnia has 3.11 already, will it just pull down the update on its own?

Thanks again!



Yes, once we’d release a new RC version, it’ll be there included.


Pepe: Hope you are well!

How can I determine if my device has the code changes you made for the LTE-A cellular modems?

I am on the RC branch, do I need to switch to another, or has there been a push to RC past 3.11 so that I can now install my new board?

Thanks, please advise.



It was included in some RC version of Turris OS 3.11, so it’s included in Turris OS 3.11, which we released for everyone yesterday. Can you try it and see, if it works?


I am set to the RC branch now, so what is the best method to actually get this update? Use:


Or should I use other commands?


It would be good to switch to the stable release, which can be done by this command

switch-branch deploy

and don’t use the as it is deprecated and instead of it use pkgupdate.


I updated to stable branch and I am on 3.11 - Please see attached. With the current mini-pci card (screenshot named current) I can see/select USB2 and configure the card to make a successful connection to the internet. When I power down and swap the cards, installing the EP06-A (screenshot named EP06-A) I do not have the same choices for the interface and I do not remember the commands in SSH to enumerate the devices the system sees, What do I need to do from here? Thanks, please advise.


Pepe: What about my latest attempts? Do you have any ideas or solutions?


Have you taped PCI-e pins as it was described here - Quectel EP06 configuration?

Is there anything in lspci or lsusb? Screenshots from LuCI for this issue are not helpful. Only what I can see, there is that you don’t have there /dev/ttyUSB0-3, but it doesn’t say why.