Sneak peek - Turris Omnia LIMITED EDITIONS bundled with some [REDACTED] assets

:sunglasses: in the making!

Further details are still a secret :zipper_mouth_face: for now, but watch this space for more updates.


Bundled with some [SDIO] assets? Did I hit?

Well, no :blush: …it’s something else.

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christmas party invites? (and yes… i’m waiting for the video on turris-academy)

Raspberry Pi GPIO compatible header with a removable plate to stack hats?

What do You mean, what kind of video?

:smiley: well, absolutely not.

christmas party :raised_hands: :tipping_hand_man: :weight_lifting_woman:

Didn’t know about such topic planned for Turris Academy :blush:

Judging from the stickers I would say these limited editions have something with special colors. Maybe their cases themselves or something to cover the case (stickers?) are in the colors as printed on the stickers.

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Yessir. But there is more to it, than just the color… :star_struck:


For me??? :heart_eyes: :star_struck: :heart_eyes: :star_struck: :rofl: :rofl:

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Why not, if You will be willing to pull the trigger :slight_smile:

802.11ax with camo case anyone?

So the first prototypes of the Omnia 2022?

Maybe just case color samples

Well, the answer is no. :innocent:

That the two-tone design of box?

Fortunately, no…the only thing about the box that’s special, might be the color - rumor has it. :blush:

router including SSD disk