Shipping updates info


I read on indiegogo comments section that in the omnia forum there should be a post with updated shipping schedules but I can’t find it, do you have a direct link? Can’t find the topic.

My Order# is 8581 would like to have an idea of ETA.

Thank you for any help.

It might be a reference to this discussion:

No, the guy in that comment said there was a thread with batches of order# and an ETA. But I guess he was just fooling around. :frowning:

You can check the Omnia Order Management Page - log in and you can get your tracking number.

I only see the order#. No tracking#. I guess I will see it when it gets shipped.

I don’t see tracking # there even for already delivered order (NAS perk), so it’s probably not updated that often. (Still waiting to receive Omnia itself)

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Thanks for letting me know. So I guess there’s no way to understand the shipment queue via order#.

It would’ve been good to know where you are in the queue. But I guess we’ll just have to wait and that’s it.

It’s not really related to Order # at all, it depends on the configuration you have chosen (in my case order 6955 has been shipped, but order 170 not yet).

Anyway I can see my Omnia order has changed state to “The order is being prepared for shipment”, so it looks quite promising :-).

In my case, the order status is: The order has been shipped
but postnl does not find the tracking number. It is like that for a week now.

Within the same configuration, I guess the Order# is relevant. :wink:

My ORDER # is 97 and still I have got no information about shipping :frowning:

have you checked the orders page?
besides, they have told several times, that the shipments are made in manufacturing order. So having #39 does not mean anything if you have a 2 GB black router ordered.

I am #18 and received change of status on Order page from New order to The order is being prepared for shipment.
It happened on Friday afternoon.

Blue version with 2GB.

So do not worry.

Yes I do, but still noting. And yes I have a 2GB router ordered but Omnia Blue color. I know that order number means almost nothing…

soon you will have it , as i have a 2GB blue as well, and it changed status to preparing friday, like 0W0 wrote. so dont worry. little more patiente :slight_smile:

Where did you get the information? on the ortders page:
is it right, or?

It can be found in detail of order{some_number_here}/detail/

Order status The order is being prepared for shipment
Tracking link - {empty for now}
Delivery number - {empty for now}

Update: Received tracking number from local parcel company. Detail page is not updated yet.

I also have 2gb variant and I only see order status as ‘new order’. There is no “tracking link, deliver number” field at all.

I see in my order status: “the order is being prepared for shipment” as well.
I already have nas box at home, so i hope i’ll get my omnia soon.

Update: Blue, 2GB just received.