Shipping updates info

The same for me (silver/2GB)

If that is the case i ASSUME that it is NOT yet time for the silver/2GB version. I read from another thread that the silver 2 GB versions will be sent JUST BEFORE the black 2 GB versions (which are the larges of all the orders).

So assuming that is why you still do not have the anything about delivery yet on your order page, because i also do not have anything on it yet.

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My order (#23) 2 GB silver LTE version is shipped (according to details page) almost 2 weeks now with tracking number but nl post can not find the tracking number. still waiting :rage:

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try , maybe that finds it?

Board only 2GB received in Prague.

My order page has no shipping information on it, but I was emailed a tracking number. When I plug that into the supplied link and it says no record of tracking number. so no clue what’s up with my order.

My 2GB silver wifi (#<200) version was delivered on October 18, NAS case was delivered on Monday.

I have a tracking number, and the tracking information show that it arrived in the US on Oct 7th, and the last update just says “The item has been processed in the country of destination”. Should I expect additional information as it makes it’s way inside the US, or do I just sit in the dark until it arrives?

Huh? I am not following you anymore.

So you have a Turris Omnia board + 2 GB option + silver case + wifi and also a NAS case.

Did you made an error buying the silver case? Because i assume you will not do anything with the silver case, but put the board in your NAS case.

That aside, that indeed is strange, Or maybe not.

This week we got the email-update that 100% of all the router were transferred to the shipping company. Last week 100% of all the routers were manufactured. However we know that the Black Omnia’s with the 2 GB version were the last to be manufactured and to be shipped. So i guess you were the lucky ones that about 3 weeks ago to be one of the first batches of the silver 2 GB ones to be transferred to the shipping company and to be shipped. And that they put the guys who had the NAS case on priority instead of only people buying the Turris Omnia case.

I know it is maybe far fetched and kind of chaotic, but that only can maybe make sense, why you already got everything last week.

No, it was the only option I had. I’m one of early birds and had to choose between the router (board+case+wifi+power supply) - this is what I wanted - or the board only without power suply and case. They added NAS perk much later. I knew I’ll have spare case, but my router was already paid and I needed power supply anyway. So maybe it seems strange now, but I’ve had only limited options how to solve this.

Silver ones were first, then blue ones and black ones the last. In every color batch they sent routers by order number (there might be some continent/country related influence). You have black router with order #6xxx so you will get one later. I have silver one with order nr. <200 so I was one of first. Simple.

My tracking number took a week to start working, but it did start working in the end. So have patience.

I’m really curious what the package will be like. My router has been “…being prepared for shipping” for about a week at least. It seems to me that mounting a pre-burnt-in board into a prepared case, placing the router into a box, dropping an appropriate PS unit, and a wall mount, closing and sealing the package, and sticking a mail label is normally a matter of…maybe 30 minutes? Thus, the package must be something much, much, many orders of magnitude more complicated.

Or, are they cheating with me?

Wouldn’t it be more honest to say “Hey dude, we know you’ve been waiting for 11 months, unfortunately it’s not ready yet because we ran out of the most wanted perk – the gorgeous stickers…” (Or whatever is behind this slow ongoing preparation process [“being prepared”, you remember the wording, right?) “…We suppose to ship it by Christmas 2031 or 2032.”

I can understand the development didn’t go as fast&smooth as anticipated, and productizing a prototype was challenging. Although the updates used to be rather sparse, they were mostly fair. Contrary to this phase which is far from rocket science.

:confused: :frowning: :angry: :rage:

What’s wrong with you guys? Read comments on IndieGoGo and also here and then call down.
Some of us already receive Omnia and you will receive yours soon.

There are 1504 routers which needs to be shipped from shipping company. As they said it will take 1-2 weeks.
Yesterday was public holiday, so wait for Monday and Tusday and I guess you will receive your tracking number soon.

i bet you will get it by next friday 4th Nov, if you live in the EU.

Hmmm, what’s wrong with wanting to know the real status? :hushed:

Knowing “Your board is resting in a shelf. It will be assembled in week 48 if everything goes OK.” won’t drive me the happiest man in the world, but would be honest.

According to my imperfect knowledge of English the sentence “The order is being prepared for shipment” means somebody is (currently) working on the task. He/she started in the past and has not stopped yet.

When I read this status a few days ago I got excited that I eventually get the router soon – as I’m not a networking, WiFi & Linux guru it will take some time to investigate all the details. It’s not the el-cheapo dumb box which my neighbors run with admin/admin credentials, is it? This prolonged weekend seemed a pretty good candidate for playing with it.

O. K. But NIC is no ebay! That´s non profit campaigne on IndieGogo. Nothing more (and less).

Imagine my situation: I just got my silver 2 GB Omnia at Thursday. And my shipping info?
Order #4764
Order statusThe order is being prepared for shipment

A little bit funny… :slight_smile:

Takže neztrácejte naději, třeba vás spedice překvapí bez varování jako mě. Mimochodem - přepnul jste si jazyk ve Správě objednávek na češtinu? Já na to přišel náhodou až za měsíc…


Thx for the localization tip – I don’t mind English so I didn’t notice. But it states pretty the same in Czech: “Objednávka je připravována k odeslání” (právě na tom makáme) Pochybuji, je víkend a lidé si zaslouží odpočívat.

I do trust it’s deliverd one day… But it’s too late for T-O being delivered to pleasantly surprise me regardless on the status this weekend, contrary to your experience. (I don’t envy – enjoy your luck, really! :))

The delay is a bit frustrating (the shipping was originally targeted to April or May 2016 if I’m not mistaken) and such a stupid, easily avoidable behavior doesn’t help much. The shipping company is not NIC, I suppose they are paid for the service, and they should be pros in shipping.

Indeed, something is rotten in the state of Denmark. Either the shipping company or their system, the NIC order status page (it’s a web page, not a human taking a rest), or the communication between the two.

Nothing lethal but…not very funny, the less any ROFL here.

yes, the order status page does not refresh every case. this is minor problem, and i am sure you will forget this whole issue once you get the router.

Nothing wrong with that, but you can check previous comments and also IndieGoGo campaign’s site.

I can understand that you’re frustrated, but do you really need to say that they’re cheating on you?
That’s what I couldn’t understand and said what I said.
We will receive more informations about the delay on conference IT 16.2.

You will also receive SMS even email from shipping company, soon and as you can see members of Turris team trying and doing frequently updates on campaign (that’s what I really appreciated!)
Last updated was 4 days ago and said that all routers were sent to shipping company, but as you know I don’t know exactly which company do they use, but it needs time to process about 1500 packages and ship them or even give it to another company which will handle it to reduce shipping cost and also there is mention that actually only 64% routers was shipped to backers.

This was first project, which I pledged and after that I started supporting other projects, too.
And I can say that Turris Omnia has almost the best communicaton than others projects. (For example you can find on Kickstarter Azpen - Hybrx [where me and others backers are frustrated that we maybe won’t receive laptop at all with system which was promised] and another campaign is also on Kickstarter - The SuperBook ( last update was 6th October and then no responds on their campaign site; but here I think it needs more time))
Anyway the worst campaign ever was Pine A64. (right now it seems really discontinued to me and I’m glad that I bought it from other hand and even backers overflowed their forum and you can find there almost 80% posts asking when they will receive their package and what happened with their tracking number)
Maybe I will change my opinion in future after I will receive what I pledged, but now I feels frustrated and won’t support other projects.

Na závěr bych jenom dodal, jestli Vám to stojí za to slovíčkaření :slight_smile:
Můžete si třeba pod tím představit, že zásilka je doopravdy připravována k odeslání na nějaké paletě a momentálně kurýrní společnosti toho mají dost, protože je doba před vánoci a musí se ta zásilka načíst do systému, že jí doopravdy mají na depu. Já jsem to tam třeba měl maximálně 2-3 dny a potom jsem obdržel sledování číslo zásilky.
Myslím si, že momentálně Turris team nemá řešit takovéto maličkosti / nedokonalosti na “order page” a měli by se věnovat mnohem důležitějším věcem. (ať už je to třeba Majordomo, problémy s DNS, …) :slight_smile:
Co bych uvítal mnohem raději, kdyby začali odpovídat ve větší míře na naše problémy (zde a na starém fóru), co jsou, aby jste si potom nemusel stěžovat, že Vám nejde to a to a že třeba chybí balíček XY.

According to cz.nic it means that the information about your order has been given to the company handling the packing and shipping. It means nothing more. We know that the company can handle only about 150 shipments per day and we also know that they are doing reordering on the shipments based on type (perks selected) and country to optimize the expenses.

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