Shiping date estimated?

when should Order #1126 be sendet?
i am quiet excited to get it.
have a nice day

We all could type our order numbers as we all are excited as you but nobody will give us exact answer until you/we receive shipping number.

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Actually, we are able to give you a rough estimate about the shipping. The type of router which has Vinc (i. e. black colour, 2GB RAM, ordered during the main phase of the campaign) will be shipped during next 4 to 6 weeks.

I’m also interested :slight_smile:

Looks like mine. So long? :sob:

@AnetaStastna What phase are you referring to?

May that be the In demand phase, and if not, could you give out an estimate on that one; with the same specs: Black-cased 2GB WiFi version, too?

In the previous message I have meant the main phase, i. e. not the In demand phase, of the campaign. Actually, routers with black case and 2GB RAM are the last ones from the main phase of the campaign, which will be produced. The production of the same type of routers from the In demand phase will start right after that, so the routers will be sent in around 5 - 9 weeks. (The production will take more weeks because there are quite a lot of them, the time of delivery then depends on the order of the routers in production.)

This is an estimate on the time when the routers should be prepared for sending by the shipping company. As has been already stated in the updates, the shipping company might want to create batches of routers for the shipping, especially for some countries far away, which could delay the sending of a given router.


Thanks for the update and estimates (I - and everyone else reading this should - realize they are just that: estimates).

/me dusts off the beautiful open spot in anticipation! :wink:


Could you please give estimate for Silver Version + 2GB RAM + LTE Modul?

Thank you,


DOH… I asked for black… I meant: "Silver" + WiFi + 2GB

I’m assuming 8+ weeks though (it seems that blacks are comming first).

I also ordered the combination

  • silver
  • 2GB
  • WiFi
  • LTE

to I will probably be one of the last people to receive my Omnia :smirk:
my order number is #1254, so let’s wait :stuck_out_tongue:

No, it is just the opposite - the black ones are the last, as I have stated in my previous answer.
Silver ones go a week before the black ones. :wink:

Sorry - once more - I keep messing up (prolly because I am so excited :smile: )…

But but… that means… mine should be shipped soon!!

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It’s like at the checkout in the supermarket: my queue lasts the longest… :cry:
The black color takes longer to get dry? Or why? :wink:

Choices have to be made…

One type of paint (or absence thereof in the case of “Silver”) is chosen, along with other (hardware / assembly / logistical) choices, and than as much of those are produced in one go. I assume. So the overall time-to-market is minimised.

The silvers just got lucky I guess (maybe their batch was the largest / the fact that it requires no paint-job)?

the other way round: smallest batches first… and actually i think anodizing aluminum is the more expensive (time consuming) process

Ah, makes sence.

Aren’t they all anodized and painted after (not passive agressively stating, but genuinely asking)?

Please, can someone estimate shipment dates of NAS box and 2GB board only?
(I think have paid two shipments…)

Plain guess: Friday 14th of October for the board if they send it separate and it does not get hold back for optimization.

Well, you might be right actually :slight_smile: (and i should have known, because my parents were working a lot with aluminum): in case of powder coating anodizing can be used as a pretreatment of the metal. But hey, maybe the people can shed some light… we’re interested in every little detail of the manufacturing process here :wink: