Screw loose in router (problem with quality control ?)

I did email the support today still waiting for reply. I did receive my Omnia router today, I was very eager to receive and start using this router.
But My happiniess was soon switched into despair when I did notice there is a screw loose in the router.

Because of I am afraid to short circuit the device I decided to not plug in the power.

Have any one else have this problem ? is there zero existant quality control of this product ?
I find it very hard to beleive that this would had happen during shipped cause first the product is kind of light and the packining is good so I just think some at work had a bad day…which now did turn into a very bad day for me… I sold my other VPN router just before buying this router so now it means I will have to rely on software vpn solutions until I get a replactement unit, and no I am no interested to use my screwdriver myself and I am also too paranoid some other circioity have been damaged in the process which I might find out later…

Some video as evidence… I did order from german amazon.

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but then it would be difficult to discern that it is indeed

The fastest way to get a replacement unit would perhaps be to file a claim directly with

and supposedly you will get a replacement with a weeks time.

If you file a warranty RMA with the manufacturer it may take significantly longer, upto 4 weeks as EU warranty regulations.

I see that you sent us an email 1,5 hours ago. I think patience could be appreciated as we don’t have support 24/7. I will write you a message in a while even after my work shift. During transportation, there might happen anything and you are saying something about zero existant quality control…

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Sorry… For coming across as having bad patience… I admit I was little bit colured by emotions… but yeah I was so disappointed…it looked like a wonder router looking forward to come to a solution tomorrow.

The product should be built to be able to withstand transportation environment, the packing looked to be in perfect condition. And not a scratch on the device itself either…anyway we can take discussion further in email. I just wanted to know if this was a kind of common problem…this is why I created the thread…but from what I know you do not outsource assembly and is in house so it should not be a common problem… I guess I just got maximum unluck.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but you don’t lose warranty if you open the router case. Or at least so I think :slight_smile: I always imagined Omnia is like PC - meant for HW parts modifications.

But maybe it also depends on the seller - I bought in the Indiegogo campaign, so that can’t be compared to Amazon…

For example, I would have already opened it. There are 6 screws, two on each side. In the end it is a box with a motherboard on it. There are no suspended or moving parts. Everything is stable. I think as well as damage, maybe you did more of it, tossing it left and right in the video. But even so, I don’t think it hurt much. Open, see what it is and enjoy your Omnia.

Yes I think I will actually break warranty if I open the cover…

Opening the cover does not void the manufacturer’s warranty, else it would not possible to access the UART or other pins, install a SSD a/o LTE modem a/o USB devices etc in the interior

But don’t take users’ gospel for granted and if in doubt check with the manufacturer.

If you decide to open it just be careful mostly with the antenna diplexers as they are rather easy to break.

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I think fastest way might be to just send back the router to amazon and ask for a refund and then I will order a new one right away…worst is I will have to wait for the refund…but I can live with that… I assume amazon pay for the shipping when I send back ?

No, I think asking here on the forum should be faster. The devs are not only employees, but they really live by the project, and they often answer in the evenings, weekends etc… Give it time until Monday at least :wink:

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Yes I will wait until Monday for their answer and final solution. but it feels now my best way would be to just send back it to amazon ask for refund and then order a new one right a way… I would probably have to wait for my refund 1 month or 2…

Not got much info in the email they sent but it seem that they want to solve this thru amazon…if I choose to send it back…

I think amazon would probably not accept refund if I had open the cover…
So as it feels now I will most likely send it back and order a new one on tueseday. and hopefully I will have a new unit here before Friday.

I had this VPN box before I got the ominia and I regret selling it too soon, I wish I had waited until I had received and set up the ominia router… now at home… only my PC is protected by VPN… my other devices in my home is now encrypted and all data traffic is monitored and saved by the state for 2 years (as EU now force state to save traffic data in 2 years).
So yes that is why I want a new one as soon as possible.

For that A would need proof that you opened the cover and since the cover screws are not sealed there is none.

A has a 14-days after delivery return policy - there will be a questionnaire for the return reason. Once through they provide a shipping label for return and the package then to be surrendered to the carrier.
Once A receives the return item they check (superficially) for visible damages potentially caused by the customer and initiate the refund. Perhaps depending on the payment method the refund cycle may vary but my experience been that the refund is received within a week after the return package been surrendered to the carrier.
Beyond the 14 days period A refers the buyer to the seller for such matters,

The other way is RMA with the seller (that A is not), and which may or may not be the manufacturer, or the manufacturer. In this case likely the seller is also the manufacturer. Since the RMA may utilize different logistics, check and approval procedures it may take significantly longer than the aforementioned method.
The seller on A can be contacted through the A web platform.

Either way there is no benefit to wait and I am curious how

or even solve the matter?

Same thing happened to me! I just opened the case and looked what was up. What happened was that the little battery came loose in transit and was rumbling around in the case. I just put the battery back in. Everything seems to work, but ya I don’t know if something might have been damaged by the loose battery floating around in there. It seems possible that this may impact the life of some of the electrical components in the router. Please advise.

Thanks for sharing…most likely same problem for me then… well…I take not chances as you say…you do not know for sure how components life span is changed…

This is a very expensive router I could get a asus with better wifi and all that for half price… so nothing like this is acceptable at all… as simple as that…so yeah… for me the router is going back… and I will order a new one…

But what we can learn by this is that probably Turris should go to bottom to this problem… maybe more people are affected but have not reported…

I am sending back mine today, so lets hope I get a better unit this time. if Tuuris read this maybe they should take a note and maybe make a solution so the battery will not come loose during transit… I understand that it could happen but now when they know it might happen they should also act.

the only thing I will not get refunded is the exoress shipping I paid 9 EUR for but… I will surrive that next time I will choose free shipping option instead.

Return process with amazon seem to be good…I just print out a printing label and the return is free.


we haven’t encountered this problem before, as the other router is on the way, we will try to take a look what went wrong, just in case it is something different, can you take a detailed pictures of your battery holder?

so Return/refund process did go very smooth. I got a digital printing label to print out… I did choose to get paid back to my amazon account the whole process took like 4-5 days or something… from Sweden.
they did also refunded me the express shipping I did add… (otherwise free shipping for normal speed).
I just hope that they do not send me the same unit or something. Anyway I have the serial number written down of the unit I have so I would know in that case.

I did look around before deciding if I would give turris omnia a second chance because of this not so good first impression, the more I did read out the more convinced I get to give turris omnia a second chance.

Main reason is software support, most other routers from bigger brands they will simply not update firmwares… Turris seem to have a good track record with this and which is something unusual in the industry.

Only negative thing is that even though it seem to be pandoras box where everything is possible it is probably not so easy to use and set up… but I am atleast slightly above “averege user” I did atleast study computer science back in the day, so I know the basics pretty well…

So I did pick up the replacement unit today. This has the same problem also. This also have a different Serial Number so it is not the same unit. This time it was sent with Postnord (swedish postal service) and not DHL.

Well… This starting to get tiring… I will have to send it back again… it feel more like a lottery… since there seem to be a weakness in the design of the battery holder…

Unfortunately without opening it you will never know what the real problem is. Conjecture only.
Now what will you do?

I had the same issue with my Omnia when it arrived last week. Due to the information on this thread I was comfortable opening the unit up and refitting the battery correctly although I was concerned as the unit wasn’t working correctly with the battery loose inside.

The issue appears to be that the spring holding the battery in place is much shorter than shown in the motherboard image and allows the battery to come loose during shipping.