Requesting new packages / new versions

Hello guys,

In past we had a section dedicated to a new package requests and/or new packages in general. I haven’t found it yet here. So let me start it out :slight_smile: Turris maintanners, could you upgrade:

  • Tor package to v0.2.7.7 or even better to Tor 0.2.9.x which is LTS release.

EDIT: Hi @Vaclav, could we help you (Turris team) somehow to prepare/compile/test following packages to get them to upstream as soon as possible please?

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please new version of netdata package also :slight_smile:


…and links2 web browser pls :slight_smile:

I have compiled LINKS2 sometime in February, if you are interested, write to me. (klidnÄ› ÄŤesky)

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If we’re using this post for this, I’d really like to ask for iptables-mod-tee.

thank you for your proactivity, we will consider the packages and possibilities of you helping us with it. I am adding @miska, he might tell you something straight away.

Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:
Another package - Openvpn 2.4.2, this version fix new CVEs after an audit.

This is in Turris OS 3.6.4 which is heading to RC today and should be in master next week. :sunglasses:


if it possible please speed it up bugs in openvpn are critical

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what do you mean by critical?
an authenticated client can crash your openvpn service or router?
there shouldn’t be any bad authenticated client in your network in the fist place :slight_smile:
the critical state is only for openvpn service providers

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Hi folks!

Any chance to get dnsmasq update? Current (2.74 and later, that is) versions fix DNSSEC support and could maybe (testing needed) replace unbound.

Note that the default DNS resolver is knot-resolver in Omnia, not unbound (or dnsmasq). “Support for DNSSEC” isn’t really a yes/no question, too, as there are many tricky corner cases.

I guess, suva talks about Unbound in Turris 1.x devices. Anyway, I would stay with Unbound as well, since it works, and do the job pretty good.

Current packages of the “collectd” family and “adblock” would also be desirable.


Yes Koleon, you’re right - I did mean Turris 1.x. I apologise for not having mentioned it.My idea was to get rid of unbound, since:

  • it is not being used on Omnia anyway
  • unbound is not capable of DHCP, so I cannot stick with unbound and get rid of dnsmasq, but it could work the other way round
  • currently, the config system on Turris 1.x is buggy and configuring unbound to work with dnsmasq (for local private DNS) is not possible as it used to be
  • it would mean one running service less (which is always desirable)

That’s right, but can you imagine how to replace (via remote updates :sweat:) unbound with kresd without problematic side effects?

What’s buggy? I haven’t experience any problems yet. Have you sent a report to support?

Alright, I agree with these two points.
Nevertheless, I’m sure that Turris team already thought about it. But imho there’s no reason to replace something that’s works out-of-the-box.

I was thinking of dnsmasq doing unbound’s part of the job (i. e. DNSSEC), not replacing unbound with Knot. According to Turris team, it is not possible (due to powerpc) anyway.

If you want the details, PM me - we are drifting way too far off topic here. However, I did report it. Short answer: no time for that right now. Somewhat longer answer: the team wants to unify v1.x and Omnias’ configurations as much as possible. Apparently is this already being done (updater), the next priority is (according to my information) the kernel - hopefully 4.x everywhere. Userspace would follow.

Sounds reasonable to me, the question is obviously how much patience will we need :wink:

Hi, there! :slight_smile: Could someone (@miska?) please add the irqbalance package to the repositories? The Omnia is based on a dual core SoC, and cat /proc/interrupts just reads like a horror story…! :fearful: Thanks in advance!

It’s time to add finally WireGuard (luci-proto-wireguard) in TO. Lots of people would need it. Thanks in advance.


As requested somewhere else on this forum, can you take the upgrade of tor? The current version of tor is not officially supported anymore, but openwrt has a newer version.