Requesting new packages / new versions


from log:

[warn] Please upgrade! This version of Tor ( is not recommended, according to the directory authorities. Recommended versions are:,,,,,


Adblock is outdated. Please update the package.


you should update dnsmasq asap, since there are a lot if secutiry issues there (not only dns related):

Btw could you please also send new translation packages? I have a total new language translation for Hungarian. Language update does not interfere with any functioning, and I am on RC channel anyway. I would like to use it and test it.





Can we also have the dnscrypt-proxy package updated? Thanks!


is there any chance to get new version of netdata package?


I also received this request from @boessi.

We created issue on Gitlab here

Maybe @paja will tell you more, but the latest news, what he told me was that it doesn’t build and it has some error.



…I’ve started building / stealing most “up to date” packages for the Omnia from a docker arch linux image or running anything that flakes in a container, latest version of netdata included, with no issues.


So you are running docker on turris omnia?


Hi @Comodore125,

Yes, running the latest version of docker from the alpine linux sources. It’s a bit of a pain, but working well so far apart from the missing kernel modules mentioned in another thread.

Search the forum for this post or just docker, and install the package that huibuhDec pulled together - then once installed, find the alpine docker APK, untar and copy the new bins / libs in place.


huibuhDec '17
Hey guys,

I manged to get docker running (more or less) on the Turris Omnia.

I used precompiled armhf binaries from the alpine linux distribution. To circumvent the networking problems described above (and a few more) you need to install following dependencies:

Here you can find a package compiled for the current released kernel version (4.4.91-e8cacce0ae0bf48eea19d58c2e860359-1):!tOJgGTTB!kUsQX7oC3DKDB6FWYd1nTts4ih-nEt8grv7XSzaonuw8


Ressource sharing: Since the required cgroups are not enabled in the stock kernel, the docker daemon has no way of limiting the consumption of certain resources for containers. So if you’re running resource hungry containers, they might starve others.
Swarm: There is (as far as I could find) no available IP_VS module and the kernel is compiled without support for it. If I remember correctly, this is required to set up the ingress network used by docker in swarm mode to route incoming packets. If you want your router to join a swarm, you will most probably need to compile it yourself (or ask me, I’ve got a working version for the current kernel but I am too lazy to look for it right now since I think that probably noone will want it)
For other geeks that want to take this further, my makefile that I used to build the package (I assume you can understand the folder structure and copy & paste the corresponding files where they belong):

@Turris Omnia Team: Would it be possible to enable (at least) the following kernel options at some point in the future?

Especially the cgroups would make docker more reliable. Thanks!

Have fun and enjoy the rest of your day!


I’m not here much but if you’d get stuck, ping and I’ll try to talk you through what I did at least …



A package I would really happy to get is infenslave - did anyone build it already?


@paja: would it be possible to add package ifenslave to repository?


@paja: would be really nice to get that package! :hugs:


What are you trying to do? I am not exactly network guy so I don’t know (or remember) how exactly you can use it. But from my understanding this is BSD type network tool. Linux ip utils should handle that too. Specially if I am not mistaken you want to use ip l set master.


Please find what I actually did here.
Maybe there are other solutions out there but those are rarely documented.
@paja wrote an answer but deleted it before I could read so I don’t know what he had on his mind about that topic.


Hi @pepe & Turris team…

Is there any chance of upgrading the nginx package to the latest upstream version?

The TO version is 1.10, and the latest stable version is 1.14: The upstream version is 1.12:

There are some pretty big changes between 1.10 & 1.12 - that would be a start, but 1.14 might be even better!

Or has someone written up how to install OpenWrt packages on TO? (I know the platform is mvebu, but today, I can’t find it in


You could try directly installing from (v.1.12)


I guess that would work for BASH scripts (e.g. adblock), but for binaries (like nginx)?


I used to install adblock that way until Turris team put a current version into TO repo.


This would work because adblock is just BASH scripts. It wont work with nginx because that package would contain compiled binaries…