Port Forwarding not working?

I have a node running on my pc and therefor I need 2 ports to be open.
8058 UDP data port and 8048 TCP control port
When I do a port check via https://check-host.net/ I see a connection time-out for 8048 TCP.
8058 UDP is ok.
What could be the problem.
I configured in the router but no success. I went to “network-firewall-pert forwards”

You gave little information. How kinde of node is runnig on the PC in youre LAN ? What your redirect looks like ?

I do to testing ports https://www.grc.com/x/ne.dll?bh0bkyd2

And you do have a public IP on your router’s WAN, right? (I believe most people do not have this from their ISP nowadays, at least not for free.)

Of course I have a public ip address.
I need to access UDP and TCP

Port 8058 is ok, but 8048 not.

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Hi to Belgium :-). Youre ports 8048 and 8058 on IP are closed. (just for the Curiosity - no one opened port in range 1-1024). Is youre honeypot aktive ? Is the router behind another device (cable modem)?

It would be good if you read what I am writing. No one can advise you this way. What does your redirection settings look like?

I’m not saying this is the case, but on university network I saw common default to give public IPv4 to everyone (because they’ve got large blocks long time ago) but firewall all incoming “connections” (because that was apparently good for most people).

yes my router is behind a cable modem.

Cable modem is in bridge or gateway mode?
Switching the modem to bridge mode is especially useful when you want to connect your own router to our modem or you need to ensure the correct assignment of a fixed IP address to your own device.

I am not an expert !!! but should not be:
8058 - > 8048
8048 - > 8058

Forward … wan 8048 -> wan 8048 … it will not allow any communication-it is a reflection or mirror :slight_smile:

The original ip of the cable modem was
I changed to
The turris router has ip
Unfortunately my modem cannot be set in bridge mode.

Which modem model do you use? I’m not going to advise anymore (my knowledge is no longer enough)… In the current state your router does not get external IP address and then it is not effective to set the port forward. Perhaps you will hear another debating.


From user guide youre modem… Is this a good choice? I’m not sure - probably not, shame.

NAPT mode NAPT is a special case of NAT, where many IP numbers are hidden
behind a number of addresses. In contrast to the original NAT,
however, this does not mean there can be only that number of
connections at a time.
In NAPT mode, an almost arbitrary number of connections are
multiplexed using TCP port information. The number of simultaneous
connections is limited by the number of addresses multiplied by the
number of available TCP ports.
Ethernet port based
In NAPT mode, When the check box set, indicates network traffic from
which particular Ethernet port will be bridged to HFC interface. When
the checkbox cleared, indicates network traffic from which particular
Ethernet port will be handled by Gateway routing features

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I have no choice. This is the cable modem provided by my ISP. I cannot connect a modem of my choice.

I guess you are just behind double NAT. If your cable modem is between your turris router and the internets you should open this ports on that modem as well. or run DMZ on it,

Could you also post the page form the interfaces containing wan interface and its ip

I suspect I have the same ISP as the topic starter. Their modems contain a built-in router. Thus if you connect a second router to this “modem”, it will not get a public IP address, but a private one! Indeed a case of double NAT setup.

My ISP is Telenet in Belgium.

I would ask to solve the problem of ISP provider … another modem with bridge function.

Unfortunately this is no option. This is the way they do.

What ports by default are open or closed by Turris omnia? I sthere a list of the ports?

I believe the only option for me is to put my modem in DMZ. But the question is:
Is Turris Omnia by default safe enough?

Yes it is :smile: (Short answear but true)

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