OpenWRT started to fork 19.07 from Master

Seems the new release is in the making as upstream apparently started to fork the upcoming 19.07 from master, now showing 19.07 as new/own branch in;a=summary

Wondering whether/how that will be reflected in TOS work flow of HBD/HBK branches?

Shall we first try and release tos4?

It will be in time, I was just wondering whether a new branch might be introduced

  • HBD -> Master (TOS6.x)
  • HB? -> 19.07 (TOS5.x)
  • HDK -> 18.06 (TOS4.x)

Or perhaps HBD staying with 19.07 instead and upstream Master not being tracked for the time being

First, we would like to release a final version of Turris OS 4.0 as currently it is:

  • HBD - OpenWrt master
  • HB{K, T, S} - OpenWrt 18.06.

Branch-off was not announced on mailing list (openwrt-devel nor openwrt-adm). We noticed that, discussed it yesterday. You can see:

Unfortunately for some time we won’t build OpenWrt master. The next build of HBD will be based on OpenWrt 19.07. If there is any change, we will tell you.


Since yesterday, we are again building master branch of OpenWrt. In it’s specific branch ‘master’.

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latest chatter points to a release of 19.07 beginning of September, or thereabouts


Looks like upstream finally got around to release 19.07. Upstream feed changes were committed today and upstream buildbot cycle is expected to complete tomorrow.

Finally they made it, better late than never… :clap: :fireworks: