OpenVPN, Plex Server, Torrent client

Will it be able to run OpenVPN server, Plex Server and a Torrent client (e.g: Transmission)?

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OpenVPN and Transmission can be run without problems. OpenWrt is missing package for Plex server but if there will be enough interest we will try to create it.


+1 for Plex :grinning:

+1 from me too!
an already incredibly impressive device with even more added functionality!!!

The Plex Media Server is a proprietary software so packaging it for Omnia will probably require cooperation of the authors.

Thanks Ondrej, I haven’t checked that.

Plex is a nice piece of software if you’re running it on proper hardware.

Bear in mind that transcoding a movie (or even a FLAC file) is CPU intensive and won’t be possible in real time with the SoC in use here.

Can you confirm that it will have OpenVPN client support and not just server? Some routers have only server setup without 3rd party software. dropdown/tabs for a couple of separate client configs would be great, also IP based or port based selective routing through VPN or plain to exclude certain LAN devices from VPN and force others.

The router runs normal linux and the OpenVPN client is normal upstream OpenVPN software. You can run more instances at the same time.

Policy based routing is not supported by the UCI (OpenWRT configuration system) at the moment, but it is possible to set it up using common linux commands. See the OpenWRT wiki here:

Regarding Plex, if you have a client which supports direct play, transcoding most probably will not be necessary. I have a QNAP NAS (with a 2.4 GHz dual core Atom) and am able to stream 4k/h.265 and 1080p/h.264 content to my Nvidia Shield TV without trouble. The client is able to add subtitles when necessary without transcoding.

Why not ReadyMedia formerly known as minidlna? Supports anything with UPnP-AV/DLNA.
Add dmapd or forked-daapd if you want your music on iSomething devices.

All are available as OpenWRT packages.

Nothing fancy and no nice gui but works.

Disagree about FLAC. I am using my old PPC box for that and it mostly fine with sound, i just had to make sure that all compile-time optimizations are in use and correct libraries are choosen in ffmpeg and friends.

I’ve managed to install and run Plex Media Server in LXC with Ubuntu. I will create step-by-step manual in free time (probably in weekend) after a few tests.

To be honest I need only a direct playback from Plex Media Server. I already have all media transcoded.


Emby Media Server, is a OPEN SOURCE alternative to Plex. I thought i would just inform the people in here.

I have been using both on my own NAS and Emby although developed like 6 years later then Plex, it is going VERY fast in development. I would say go and take a look.

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Plex is now available in a router ($500).
I think the CPU is a 4 A15 cores @ 1.7ghz

That router has an SFP too (SFP+).

Maybe the binary is portable to the Turris.

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my personal opinion is not to run applications that need that much cpu/memory on a router.
if you do want to run plex on your turris i think running it within a LXC container like @petr.havelka did is the best option.

i personally would advice to run it on a device meant for running plex and if it is stressed wont screw up your whole network.
something like the Nvidia Shield or WD My Passport Wireless/Pro

Do you have Embly Media server working on Omnia ? It will be very usefull for me.

I gotta disappoint you. I have Emby Media Server running on my own NAS instead of the Omnia router. I got all my media stored there instead of the Omnia.

Sorry for delay. I had no free time :frowning:

WIP version is here


Thanks a lot for this guide and package source , that make my day very smiley :slight_smile: