Opening LuCI port forwarding page is very slow (40s)

I have the same issue. It can hardly access Port forwarding at all.

Super @jechtom, thanks!

Will it help if I also file a “report”? I’d say best is to patiently let them do their diagnostics magic for now (since they have been informed already, I do not want to come across as “pushy”).

Let me know if data/info or a report from my end can help.

They know other people have same problem. I sent them link to this thread as well. I will let you know here if they will need any additional diag data or if problem has been resolved.

Well, port forwarding screen takes 4+ minutes to load for me, and I only have 7 rules. When I try to edit a rule, another 4+ minutes. I hope they fix this soon.

3.9.1 here - port forwarding table loads quick… 11 rules (configured entirelly through command line/editing files)

About a week ago the Firewall Traffic Rules page started to respond quickly (normal). This page itself was always OK but now I can also configure the individual rules without undue delays.

Po nějaké době a výměně logů mám vyjádření od Turris týmu.

Dobrý den,
omlouvám se, ale ohledně problematiky s pomalým načítáním LuCI není nový posun jelikož se nám stále nedaří tento problém reprodukovat, bohužel víme, že tento problém, který máte postihuje i více uživatelů, ale je nesmírně těžké opravovat chybu, když nevíme, kde se nachází a obzvlášť, když LuCI je součástí systému OpenWRT ze kterého vycházíme.
V tuto chvíli, co Vám mohu sdělit je, že ve verzi Turris OS 4.0, která bude založena na nejnovějším OpenWRT a zatím to vypadá na verzi OpenWRT 18.05, tak dojde k aktualizaci všech balíčků včetně LuCI, kde by se tento problém již neměl nacházet.

TL;DR; Počkejme si na verzi Turris OS 4.0, kde bude aktualizovaný OpenWRT a chyba snad odstraněna.

I have the same issue. It can hardly access Port forwarding at all. Even after resetting the router. Latest version; automatic updates.

There are things between heaven and earth… I’ve been plagued for years, now let’s say a year without a problem. Solution does not exist… yet.

@Pepe had mentioned to me on a separate report that he had reproduced this on the wake-on-lan page and that it could be a similar issue. He told me that it had to to with LuCl’s dependencies, but finding which one and fixing it might be a significant challenge and that it’s possible this would not be addressed until TurrisOS 4.0.

is there a tips on how to debug this? Its nearly unusable for me.

Fix for this is coming in 3.11.2 If you’re comfortable editing the knot resolver init files, you could pick up the fix early.


I had to perform that fix as well as this DNS resolution workaround to ensure LuCI ran smoothly.

Prior, pages took a good 10s to load! :frowning:

Dear comrades and madams,



to your /etc/resolv.conf

That will immediately fix the issue with the slowness of loading firewall pages in luci. Whether that’s a permanent fix is another discussion.

On my Turris, this immediately made the firewall pages responsive.

That was some longer time ago you last got the slowness, right? (Turris OS version < 3.11.2.)

Unfortunately, currently getting it.

root@turris:~# cat /etc/turris-version

So, you use some public IPv4 addresses, right? (On the WAN interface or inside LAN.)

Hi Vcunat, thanks for being on top of things,

using public IPv4 address on the WAN interface, no public IPv4 addresses used inside the LAN.

Please let me know if you need any more information about the issue.

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I still have these problems in even Turris OS 4.0.1. Any new updates for this ?

I can confirm the problem is still there in 4.4.196