Mdadm 4.0 monitor mode doesn't send email notifications

since the update of mdadm to version 4.0 the email notifications does not work:

    mdadm --monitor --test --oneshot --scan --config=/var/etc/mdadm.conf
    sh: /usr/lib/sendmail: not found
    sh: /usr/lib/sendmail: not found

Patch /utils/mdadm/patches/300-correct-sendmail.patch which fixed the sendmail path in mdadm has been deleted in commit 6ac84e7a, maybe this is the reason?


Thank you for reporting. I was able to reproduce it based on your bug report.
I will add the patch back. Tomorrow, it will be in the nightly branch, and it will be included in Turris OS 3.11.1.

I have added it back and in a few hours, it will be fixed in the nightly branch.

That was fast, thank you.

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