Mdadm 4.0 and RAID

Is RAID working for you after 3.11.0 update? What startup scripts do you use?
I have been using mixed setting of this community documentation and this forum help It seems mdadm update overwritten /etc/init.d/mdadm which is easy to fix. However it seems not enough. I still cannot run mdadm --assemble command. Can you share your startup script to run raid on 3.11?

Does anybody has a working setup for RAID after migration to 3.11? I was never successful to assemble existing RAID (I’ve never tried to create new one as I have data in RAID, so it might work on green field setup/creation). The only working setup for me was to do rollback to 3.10.8.

Hi. I’m using RAID and did not noticed any issues.

RAID is working almost fine for me, even after the update. I was using /etc/rc.local to start/monitor/mount the RAID, but now I’m using the /etc/init.d/mdadm init script which ships with the mdadm package. See /etc/config/mdadm for configuration options. The init script will generate mdadm config file, start your array and start mdadm daemon in monitoring mode (without the --test switch unfortunately).

Thanks. It worked. I had to copy info from original /etc/mdadm.conf to /etc/config/mdadm and it works with new /etc/init.d/mdadm startup script. Ideallz community documentation should be rewritten now…

I’m glad that helped. The community documentation currently mentions only a general approach for managing RAIDs, but I agree it should be enhanced with this more OpenWRT-specific approach using /etc/init.d/mdadm and /etc/config/mdadm.