Is it safe to upgrade u-boot?

I noticed u-boot was never upgraded on my TO (CZ11NIC13).

~# strings /dev/mtd0 | grep "U-Boot 20"
U-Boot 2015.10-rc2 for db-88f682
U-Boot 2015.10-rc2 (Aug 18 2016 - 20:43:35 +0200)

I wonder if it is safe to upgrade using nor-update and if there are any benefits at all or downsides.

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I upgraded my Indiegogo Omnia and had no problems. However, there have been issues with some devices (or: at least one):

The last messages on that thread seem to indicate that there is still work going on to fix remaining RAM training issues. However, that is now weeks ago and there has been no further feedback…

So, if you currently don’t have problems which a new u-boot would solve and/or you don’t feel comfortable with using the serial console in case of issues caused by the upgrade, maybe better wait for a solution of the remaining RAM training issue. Otherwise, the linked thread should give you the information you’ll need in case you run into issues after the upgrade.


As to me I did upgrade it with no problems. But it depends… Just my 2 cents.

Thank you for the replies. Seems I rather stick with the current version until all issues are ironed out. :unamused:

U-boot is actively developed with v2024.04 being the latest “stable” version and v2024.07 in works.
2015.10-rc2 on the machine is really outdated and 2022.10-rc4 in works for Turris is not fresh either. It is also strange to me RC versions are used.

Considering U-boot is not free from vulnerabilities, it puzzles me that it is so neglected.

As mentioned in the linked thread, I got random reboots after updating U-boot to the latest version on my Kickstarter Omnia. I have now reverted to the old version and it works fine.

Interesting, and did not know there was a new Uboot version.
So, if you should update you older version, is this the one you receive atm?

BTW i did update my 2015 indy TO, zero issues here.