I hope I did my best here - my farewell

Dear community,

In December 2015, I was selected to be part of a research project in the Czech Republic, and a few days later, I got my Turris 1.1 router, which is still running at my home and is using automatic updates. I started to fiddle and get more details about Turris and its features, how it is running, what it does, how you can run your own services, and getting used to it and advising or trying to get more details from other people to be more knowledge, so I can become in the future as they are. It started on the old Turris forum (only in Czech and only for someone who remembers it). :wink:

Then I saw a job offer on Twitter that Turris is looking for someone for a Technical support position and I did not hesitate any second and opted for it. My interview was somehow weird because almost every single Turris person was like that’s he? The guy who still complains on the forum? It’s really amazing how things went and that I could be part of the Turris team for such a time, during which I got fantastic opportunities to try other positions in the Turris team even though I could not focus on only one thing. Still, even in recent days, I have been involved in the support department. And now… it is time to say goodbye. I tried to sum up my 5 years working at CZ.NIC in a few paragraphs, so it’s up to you if you are curious and if not, just move to the last paragraph, which is kinda TL;DR.

My support experience

Two years later, the exact month I joined the Turris department as a Technical support guy, my job was not only replying to you through the ticket system, which we were using. Some of you even got responses after midnight and even on weekends. I hope that I was doing a great job over there, but as always, any feedback is necessary, but it should be in good manners.

I was getting involved with our R&D department on the same floor to cooperate with developers to know if they were aware of some bugs which might happen with a new feature, which they released, and how I could help the user who reported the problem.

Among other things, I started to work with the community and occasionally send several packages to appreciate that you guys are helping Turris keep it going and providing your opinions and thoughts.

Because I always like to learn new things, why could I not know how to become familiar with Turris OS and how I could build it locally together with the OpenWrt, which Turris is using? Things went okay overall. I started with a few parts, like easier packages, which should be at the beginning okay. If something is wrong, I should ask or try to cooperate with the package developers or just search the Internet if somebody did not experience it already.

I almost forgot about the Indiegogo campaign for Turris MOX as it was my first campaign, but not only as a backer, but I also have it from the other side, being on the team and responding to comments. It was a very great experience, I must say and I learned quite a lot from it.

Developer experience

I do not precisely remember what the first release I prepared for you was, but I think that’s not important to share with you. I prepared so many Turris OS releases. If I am going, to be frank with you guys, some of them did not end very well due to multiple configurations and setups, which are not possible to cover at all even though you could notice that occasional bugs happened, which should not happen. We are all people, and we learn from our mistakes. I am so sorry that happened on my watch as Release Manager.

Upstreaming experience

As I was a charge of Turris OS releases, I attended and talked at a few conferences, but my biggest priority was to be open as much as possible, even while cooperating with the community, but also upstream as many things as possible. When I began sending pull requests, I was like I didn’t want to have any closed pull requests as it looked bad. Still, after your first closed pull request, you don’t care and try to work on the stuff. Even it sometimes takes time, do it properly because others will benefit from it and if you do it carefully, then it will be included in next OpenWrt release, and you do not need to rework it or do it differently once it is there, then its great, because you can remove it from your to-do list and work on other things. It’s true that if you want to have things fast, then you are not doing it exactly as you want, but it will kick you in the future and you need to do it properly, but of course, if you have time.

Getting to the end (some statistics)

  • 1 141 commits to the Turris Build repository (Turris OS 4.x+)
  • 621 commits to the Turris OS packages repository (all Turris OS versions)
  • more than 510 pull requests to the OpenWrt packages repository
    • I have commit permissions there and many commits were cherry picked to the stable releases
  • more than 100 pull requests to the OpenWrt main repository, but also I sent several patches through the mailing list.
  • just a few days ago, I got commit access to the routing repository.
    • too bad I don’t have statistics from the support as it would be quite interesting.

I can just hope that someone in the team will continue doing that. :thumbsup:
(cross-reference: Industry supporting OpenWrt - #12 by Pepe - Hardware Questions and Recommendations - OpenWrt Forum )

Since 1st March 2023. I decided to take the opportunity to work at a different company. I wish all remaining colleagues the best at CZ.NIC That’s why you can see in these last days that I started to use the Former Turris team member, because I still do have a contract with CZ.NIC, but that will be the end of this month (March, 2023) as I do have vacation for the remaining days.

To sum it up, overall, it was a pleasure being part of such an amazing community with you guys, and I’m glad for the great opportunity that CZ.NIC could provide me with it.


I always appreciated this kind of responses while working towards the community:

Because it helps you to motivate to doing it, but it does not motivate only me, but also others in the team.


I am really sad that you are leaving. I think it will be hard to find so dedicated worker for the future. I hope you are going to have all great new possibilities at new company and maybe…who knows… you will pass by forum time to time as @hagrid is doing. Take care and all the best!

P.S. I forgot to say thank you. Because many times you helped me personally. So again thank you!


Hi @Pepe, it’s sad piece of news. It were fast five years… you statistics is wery impressive.Thanks for all your work, help and care. Wishing all the best on your new way.


Thank you for all the great work you did for all of us. We really appreciate all your effort and thanks to you this project is where it is. I was on the journey since 2013 and it was a ride.
As we all grow there come a time to move on for something else and that’s perfectly understandable that we need such moments and challenges to grow.
I wish you good luck in everything and anything you are going to do in the future.


Sorry to read that. I am now scared for the future of Turris.
Btw wishing you best luck.


I am a person who never says never because everything might change in the future and it is understandable that human beings are changing their opinions about that. However, I am afraid that I will not be able to do that because I will enjoy some free time without being involved with Turris after all the years I have been doing it since I want to focus more likely on OpenWrt because I would like to be part of their team because it would be meant a lot to me. There is always but, and in that case, there is going to be, I am not sure how much time I would have to be able to review things in OpenWrt repositories. I am also doing other things unrelated to IT, though.

Guys, not everything is lost, I hope that new faces will show up soon and they will do it better than me. :crossed_fingers:

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ahhh…well, thanxs for all the times you helped this nOOb !

Always a pleasure to read you here…and i wish you good luck on the next ride !


best, Dikke

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I want to wish you the best of luck. I have been a frequent and sometimes occasional visitor to this forum and you have been a constant presence always and very important and have had the patience and availability towards me here and on other platforms. Thank you for everything. This is just goodbye, precisely because life is strange :wink:

EDIT: I’m also a little sad.


Thanks and good luck!

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Thanks alot for everything and all the best for your personal and professional future!

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Thanks for everything over the years! Good luck!

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Good luck, and godspeed for your future endeavors!

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Thank you for your help over the years. It has helped make this the best router experience I’ve had so far and rekindled my interest in keeping up with OpenWRT.

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Thank you for all the help. Your posts were always very informative.

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Godspeed! Have to add more to reach the 20 character limit.

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Thanks … and I wish you all the best in the future.
Show must go on …

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Thank you for all the support over the past years!

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We will all miss you, Pepe. Farewell.

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Thank you for everything, we will miss you!
Good luck with your future endeavours

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