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I have made a new language translation from scratch: Hungarian. Could you please add it to the next 3.8.3 update this Friday?



I’ve translated to italian which is my native language. Hope to see it into the next release.

Have a nice day.



Thank you Roberto, that is great!


Thank you for that great work! We will add it, but not sure with exact date of next release :slight_smile:



there has been several updates (also features update lately) since then and still none of them contained my Hungarian translation. The translation was a huge effort, still done in record time, pushing it out should be a fast no-brainer, but still it seems to far slower than making it…


are you sure?
I can see it in this repo:

So I think this will be included in Turris OS 3.9, which is currently in RC branch.

//EDIT: That’s weird. I will try to get some informations about it on Monday.


Well, I am already on 3.9 (using RC), but I cannot see any options in the language config:

Also the update’s feature list didnt have any info on adding a new language.


Hmm, using the CLI (opkg) I could find two packages indeed:

they should be the ones, I still cannot chose it in Foris after installaing it and logout/login of Foris.
And opkg has already restarted lighttpd after installation.

Should the device be rebooted?!


ok, i have found the issue. after installation I could select language here:

So it works and there are only two issues:

  • the updater menu language selector should also contain the new language as “HU” with a tickbox to install
  • release notes should also contain this new addition



That was fast! I went for my work notebook and I wanted to look at it. I will ask if we’ll fix it.

Thank you for your translation (and of course your time). I know sometimes it’s really hard to translate some stuff and maintain it. :wink:


yeah, it was quite hard to be honest :slight_smile: And I can already see also some issues with it, as I remember i translated it 100% with openvpn plugin, but I can still see some English strings…


Ok, I have added translation to the remaining 2 modules: TLS and diagnostics. Also made some fixes in the original Foris base translation. Please rerelease it in RC so that I can check again and that we can have the fixed version in the final 3.9 release


and just one more thing, there is an issue with the translation tool:

I does not really accept this translation because it thinks it is wrong when plural translation is the same as non-plural. However it is correct in this sentence in Hungarian.


Please next time use edit function, because right now you have 3 posts in a row.
I can’t make you sure or even tell you, if in the next RC (or maybe in final 3.9 release) we’ll include your fixes.
Only what I can do is ask.

About plurals: As I don’t use weblate I’ll need to ask my colleague if there’s something what we can do about it.

I’ll edit my post, when I’ll have more informations. (probably on Monday/Tuesday.)


unfortunately it doesn’t make it to 3.9, which we’d like to release this week.

We have plan to release it in 3.9.1, which should include yours new strings and the language should be also in language selector in Updater tab, which you mention. (But something can change. It’s just a plan.)

Again thank you for your translation.


Hi Pepe,

sorry to hear that. When is the 3.9.1 expected?
Tx for the feedback.


currently there is no ETA. :neutral_face:

We just released 3.9. If there would be something new I’ll notify you.


Please add a project component for foris-netmetr-plugin and foris-pakon-plugin for translations


RC for 3.9.1 is out! You can try it now or you can wait for next week, where we would like to release it for everyone.


Hi Pepe,

I have tested it, it works ok, (beyond the known issue with About page). First I though only the existing 2 packages have been updated (base and openvpn) while I have also prepared translations for 2 additional plugins: TLS plugins (Access Token page) and diagnostics plugin. But in the end they have also arrived in a second wave. So all are ok.HU language selector is also there now.

And 2 additional questions:

  1. I cannot find anywhere the following translations strings, that are in the updater tab listing the installable package options:

  2. I would like to translate the new netmetr plugin as well, but I cannot find it at all in the weblate translation site (I expect it would be in a separate plugin)