How to Participate at the Foris Interface Translation



The translation is still saved and you can ignore the check if you think it’s wrong (by clicking on the x in the right side of the check).


None of these seems to include translations right now, see and


Tx, it works.

Btw. Foris: Netmetr plugin has just popped up in the weblate projects.

I still cannot se projects or strings in the available projects about the above screenshotted packagelist that is visible in the updater tab.


we didn’t integrate descriptions of user lists, which is in Foris and also notifications to Weblate, yet.
We’d like to have all strings, which you can translate in Weblate.

It is in our to-do list.


I’ve finalized the French translation, only a few strings remained to be translated. How should I request its update and publishing?

On a separate topic, can the installation wizard be translated?


I have translated also the tzinfo part, so Hungarian is now 100% translation based on the current available stings. Please send the update when you can.


translations were updated in Turris OS 3.10, which should be released to RC today.


Hungarian translation updated with new strings for 3.10


I’m currently working on Dutch translations. So if you have suggestions, improvements, please let me know.
I see that other people are working on it before me, so if they want to join forces, gimme a shout :slight_smile: