How to Participate at the Foris Interface Translation

We developed the Turris router interface in English and we use Czech as the reference localization language. If you want, you can be a part of the translation of the interface to any other language. How to do it?

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I can translate it to Spanish. Do we get something in exchange? I don’t have the router because I can’t afford it but still I am quite familiar with network and security terms.

I’d think you get the kudos that you did it and helped the Spanish speaking user base at the minimum. @Tangero could you confirm how translators are attributed ?

In terms of numeration of any kind I’d ask the question how your services would compare to an professional and what the demand for a specific language is.
In the best case there might be enough users interested to sponsor you (kind of crowd funding) and Turris might be able to help a bit providing an router at cost.

I didn’t see any option to match user and translators up of the style “Want this language ? Please vote here.” or “You speak this language ? Offer to do it over here.” . Maybe something for Turris to consider.

For a free router I will translate it and it will be something professional. I work at infosec and networking, I have experience with enterprise grade firewalls, UTMs and other security tools.

Any chance you could add Swedish to the list as well?
Then I could do some translation.

You can do it yourself, right?

@Tangero so your expectation is that people you work for your company for free?

You obviously aren’t aware of how Free Software (freedom, not gratis) works.


No! We expect, that people who do not prefer English/Czech, now may have a solution.

So turris omnia is free? Because this is a translation for turris omnia interface. They are a company trying to make profit with a piece of hardware and an open source firmware base on open wrt. They are asking for a professional translation which is not cheap.
Why should anyone work for a company for free?

Understood, I guess the ones comfortable with english won’t do it and the ones who doesn’t​ won’t have the skills to do it.

Yes, Turris Omnia is free. You can download plans for PCB and firmware source code and do your own for free. You just need to pay for parts (from 3rd party suppliers), but our work is free for you. That is principle of open source (for us).


Not only :slight_smile: We got many questions from our partners. They supply Turris in companies and they would like translate interface for them. Now they can. And then it will make happy some more people …

They are asking for a professional translation which is not cheap.

Bigger Free Software projects have translations also made by volounteers, even if are used by companies.

The ones I am aware of at least offer something in exchange. Like pfsense

The difference is the free project ask for free translation, then who use that software can be anyone, in this case is a private company who sells routers with that software which is mostly open wrt.

I fail to see the difference with larger projects sponsored by e.g. Red Hat or SUSE. Those too are for-profit entities.

Try again. It’s a private company investing money and resources in a free software to offer it to the community which also participate in the project. They won’t make more money if more people use fedora, they don’t sell it.

Raiden, we are not a private company, we are NIC - we take a care about Czech internet infrastructure, especially about .CZ domain. Legally we are interest association of legal entities (=nor private, nor government).

Off course we would like to reward participants with some gifts like free T-Shirts etc, but that is just a way, how to say “thank you”. At the moment we have no plan for paying for translation, we are internally satisfied with English and we consider localisation possibility as an option for our users.


I translate in polish language. How sync existing translation with master branch (in eg. a foris add guest wifi options) and I want to translate it but I don’t see this new translations

This will be done on our side in a few days. New language needs to be added in Forris interface via update.