How to install adblock

Warning: this will change some core components of Omnia, possibly breaking functionality

  1. LuCI - System - Software - Update lists
  2. Install luci-app-adblock, uhttpd and uhttpd-mod-tls
  3. System - Startup - disable kresd and resolver; enable dnsmasq; do not enable uhttpd
  4. in /etc/config/dhcp change option port '0' to option port '53'
  5. Reboot
  6. Configure it in Services - Adblock

Note: it will stop working after reboot because of Updater/#145. You will need to repeat step 6

It would be great if we could avoid disabling kresd, so volunteers are needed to add support for it to adblock. Basically, we need to make adblock generate an RPZ list, and then feed it to kresd.

For Turris 1.x you can use this as unbound is present, but on the other hand on Turris Omnia there is kresd (as other users corrected me below) you need to use this thread

For example, adblock supports multiple lists and automatic updates.

Is this the link for the adblock package?

This looks interesting.

What are some of the disadvantages of DNS based adblocking?

Okay, Updater/#145 got closed as “wontfix”, so I’ve opened a pull request for adblock: packages/#3340


My pull request has been accepted (modified)! Now just wait until adblock 1.5.2 reaches our opkg feed.

“turris omnia compatibility fix”


Do you have this manual working ?

On turris omnia unbound doesn´t work.

still 1.3.3 with today’s update :confused:

I am not sure if one of you guys have a Chrome Cast. I was wondering when you do have the adblock going on the Omnia, if the ads are also blocked on your Youtube-Chromecast. Many times wen i am watching like multiple videos in a que, then between the videos suddenly i get a annoying ad, that not even takes 10 seconds or even 30 seconds, but seriously like 20 minutes.

i have this here in my hosts file on my current router (my omnia hasn’t shipped yet). With this entries set, i got no ad’s at all… it basically routes every dns request for e.g. to

I don´t use chrome cast. But on youtube or any video servers i have not any ad videos between my playlist.
Best on adblock in router is. That if you are on wifi, your mobile phone have not any ads too. You can play games without a lot of ads images on screen…etc.

Is possible to provide “my dns adblock” like dns server to wan ? Like DNS without ads ?

Tcp/Udp allow for wan is somethink like this, if i don´t make misstake…

config rule
option name 'DNS-TCP’
option src 'wan’
option dest_port '53’
option target 'ACCEPT’
option proto ‘tcp’

config rule
option name 'DNS-UDP’
option src 'wan’
option dest_port '53’
option target 'ACCEPT’
option proto ‘udp’

But it is not all what is needed…
What i must do more ?

I am a bit confused. Where are you checking for the versions available? At the stable tree of turris os on github or at the openwrt tree?
Do we need a custom feed in turris os to install adblock?
Could you please provide some info?

Did anyone manage to get the adblock addon (version 2.4.0-2) to work without having to apply the steps 3 & 4 amq described in the first post?

Mine is running to the extend that it downloads the blacklists and stores them under /tmp/dnsmasq.d/

But, netiher reloading nor restarting dnsmasq activates the blacklists.

Do I need to apply any changes to the dnsmasq config file? Add additional hosts files?

Any help is much appreciated.

Beware: This thread is very dated. Turris OS v3.8 is imminent, and adblock v3.0 is now available from the openwrt repo.

Also, adblock >2.8.5 has native (experimental) support for knot-resolver (kresd).

I will open a separate adblock support thread here in the forum on tomorrow. Adblock 3.0 is the first (working) version with native turris omina / kresd support - stay tuned … :relaxed:

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Dirk! I didn’t mean to steal your thunder!

Looking forward to having adblock on my Turris Omnia. :slight_smile:

i confirm it;s working using

root@turris:~# /etc/init.d/adblock status
::: adblock runtime information

  • adblock_status : enabled
  • adblock_version : 3.0.1
  • blocked_domains : 5108
  • fetch_utility : wget (built-in)
  • dns_backend : kresd (/etc/kresd)
  • last_rundate : 13.09.2017 14:02:12
  • system_release : OpenWrt omnia 15.05

thanks for testing & your feedback! :slight_smile: