Forum organization started, more to come

Dear Turris users,
this forum was not very well organized but times are changing. :relieved:

We are working very hard to bring you better community and customer experience.

  • For the start, there are new categories in this forum. Please use them, the general category called simply “Turris Omnia” will be sorted out and deleted in the foreseeable future.

  • Old will be deprecated and closed soon. That is the reason of …[CZ] categories here. English is and will be preffered language on the forum, but we also have some Czech people which are not speaking English. We want to keep a place for them to discuss. There won’t be any other supported language on the forum.

  • Next step on this forum will be: moderators. I am in touch with some advanced users and others are more than welcome to write me a message here. Moderators will help to keep forum clean and useful.

  • We are also working on the quality of Turris documentation, in English and Czech, there will be open, wiki based-documentation, soon.

Stay tuned for more news!

Kind regards,
your Community Manager


That is some great news @Vaclav!

HEAR HEAR! Starting out with some structure on here is something I - for one - applaud!

I do hope the Czech will not take over though (seeing the large proportion of Czechs in this community). Understandable though, as Turris is a Prague (cz.nic) initiative. Luckily… for me… both my GF and mother are Czech women (gotta love em… :heart_eyes:). So I have - better than Google - translation nearby! :upside_down:

Tempted… (my friends who I infected with the Omnia virus are trying to push me forward for this… OCD-kind-'o-guy that I am…). However my time is limited, and I am having only so much time to put in discovering the Omnia and its opportunities as it is… However; if you are pressed for people, and demands are high - give me a “holla”, and I will give it some serious thought, as I am fairly active on the forum anyway… (I really should talk to my boss… his thing called “work” is really interfering with my Omnia-tweaking…:no_mouth:).

This is what I have been waiting for; first-hand input from cz.nic and a Wiki to have a (curated) place for elaborate descriptive and/or instructive forum-post (extracts) to land (when worth to be documented). Hopefully the community will pick up on your efforts on providing the platform, and do a lot of the work for you (or should I say: “for all that are interested in the Omnia”)!!

At any rate; thanks and keep up the good work! :vulcan:

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Someone should actually modify Discourse board stylesheet a bit :wink:

Currently category names are being truncated:

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Category menu fixed, hamburger menu too. Thank you for the note.

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I guess my comment was being read…just recently on another thread :grin: OR you guys were already planning to do that.

Whatever it might be, i am glad that you guys did it. It would be nice to “pin” threads that solve some issues as long as the fix for those issues aren’t pushed to the routers yet. OR even better, just make new “pin”-threads for solving some issues as long as the fix hasn’t been pushed to the routers yet. So you make as a “moderator” a thread name X then in that thread you briefly explain the “bug or issue” then beneath it…how to fix it. That would be a great help for many users for the time being.

This topic is now a banner. It will appear at the top of every page until it is dismissed by the user.

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Thanks Vaclav.
Accurate and complex wiki will be needed, as Turris replacements of core OpenWRT features (kresd) is lack quite huge amount of OpenWRT guides, which keeps us feel safe with standard wrt setup :slight_smile: And I can imagine, that forum problem posts would reduce greatly also.

Personally, I dont trust Luci 100%, and I always benefit from direct config changes according wrt guides (also uhttp is down as I dont need admin web GUI). One big setup for routers timelife is fine for me :slight_smile:

Good work, and good promises :+1:

That is a good idea; it would be even better if (once an effective workaround - or better yet - a solution is known) it would (also) land on a Turris Omnia Wiki page?

Fora (as is discourse) is a great medium to discuss. Wiki is a medium to document.


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That would indeed be an even better idea. :grin:

We definately should start wiki for such things, even if they become irrelevant, they will still be useful for newcomers as reference, how stuff internally works on Omnia.

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One ugle change I just noticed is that on Safari@MAC there is no way to select and copy commands scripts etc.
I can double click and select full line/block but not few words… or commands.

Very ^10 annoying

If this changed recently and it is connected with the forum, please start a topic in “Forum feedback” category with an example. We’ll gladly help there.

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how 'bout this? → Documentation [Turris wiki] :grinning:

We planned that and we are planing many more things and features for our lovely community.

About wiki and the documentation
We have it running, we are maintaining the content (that is not in a good condition right now) and community-driven part is coming to life soon.

In the menatime, you are welcome to take a look here:

There will be support topics connected with wiki articles.

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I can’t start topics in most of the categories, why?

You cannot start a topic in parental categories or those made for official announcements like this one. Are you missing correct category for some of your topics?

Ah, I see. Topics cannot be started in parental forums like, but can be started in subforums like

I bet many people will stumble upon this, Discourse should have at least shown some tooltip explaining this.

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Thank you for the feedback, I’ll work it out.

This succession is not very helpful here!

My reading time is 13 hours.

Why is there not a thread by moderators tackling a problem and presenting the solution? No dialogues, problem and solution.

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