Foris Removal Script

I’m trying to find out if anyone has a Foris Removal Script something that will keep all of the main functionality but just remove foris/kresd/knot, and set dnsmasq as the main. Basically As close to openwrt vanilla as possible while retaining the advanced turris features. I dont use foris but it is constantly sitting there eating up resources. I’ve gone as far as disabling it in services but lightttpd still trys to redirect to it by default.

Edit: If I dont see anything in the replys indicating such exists. I will take to creating one and post it on github so that others can do PR’s against it. I’ll give this a few days before creating a repo and starting work myself.

Edit2: Nothing has appeared I started a gitrepo that others can Clone/PR against we can try and build a repo of alot of scripts to do certain tasks. Its very dirty and in early stages at this time.


i was thinking about something like this a year ago…
things from top of my head

  • rm /etc/lighttpd/conf.d/foris.conf
  • rm /etc/cron.d/*
  • I expect removing the webserver parts is unlikely to break anything.
  • With DNS it’s probably a little more tricky, but some people on the forum have done that apparently.
  • The hardest part might be keeping the system the way you want during larger Turris updates, but I guess that’s one of the reason why you want to script the changes. Reason: I wouldn’t expect such changes to be officially supported in close future, but I’m not in the team.

I suspect it might be subjective which differences from OpenWRT are liked (by you/someone) and which aren’t. With the DNS changes you certainly aren’t the only one, from what I remember from the forum. Perhaps your work would be most useful to the community if written as separate per-feature scripts.

Very good point. So maybe it would be better to do multiple diffrent options. say 1 for all 2 for just dns 3 for just foris removal etc so far nothing has popped up in my searches or anything so I’m likely going to start work on it today.

I’ve started a git repo feel free to clone and issue pull requests. Hopefully we can concatenate a bunch of scripts together and get something great going.

I would suggested that rather than just removing some files and disabling services to remove whole packages. If you remove updater then you can use opkg for that, otherwise it would be better to do all that by updater configuration.

I really don’t understand what people have against updater these days. I have just one huge warning: Updater is not there because of our maliciousness but because opkg is just broken in its core design and it will break your system if you do bigger updates with it!

I can understand that you don’t want Foris because you feel that you are advanced enough to do everything from Luci. I don’t think that removing knot is such a good idea and definitely not in favour of dnsmasq. I can see that some people are annoyed by it because of its stricter rules and standard implementation but I still think that it is better choice than dnsmasq. If you want to try something else then you can use unbound in place of knot-resolver. Unbound is supported (not directly on Omnia) because it is primary resolver on Turris 1.x routers.

Now to main thing: For example to remove Foris it is as easy as adding following text to some new file in /etc/updater/conf.d and running pkgupdate:

Uninstall("foris", "turris-webapps", {priority=60})

Note that you might want to add some packages back as there are a lot of packages just depending on Foris and they are removed when Foris is forced to be removed. For example to retain netmeter you can just add Install('netmetr').

The same thing can be done for knot-resolver or any other package. Well there are some exceptions such as updater it self, kernel and core system tools (such as procd). Here you can see online part of updater’s configuration. Documentation for updater is in our documentation and for advanced usage there is this language reference:

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I have to admit I’m puzzled what resources Foris is using up? If you’re not using it, then surely it’s just a little space on the root file system? But the lighttpd confs are not hard to change to turn any site on or off I’d have thought.

I mean I almost exclusively use Luci myself, but duck into FOris noa nd again, not least as I’m watching evolution of pakon which is a tool I value (with a family behind my gateway).

But why not just go vanilla OpenWRT? What advanced Turris features are you interested in? Puzzles me. As I’m a tad naive in that zone. And keen to learn.

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Oh wow this thread really exploded. Hope everyone that celebrates Halloween had a good one. First of all @cynerd thanks for the advice. I want to re-iterate that I particulary have nothing against anything foris related or updater. This is more of a case of documentation and providing a way to do such things for users that might. In a way that we consider the best possible way to remove this stuff if you feel you must. Thanks for the bits of info you have provided I greatly appreciate it and will be adding and modifying the scripts to reflect that.