DNSSEC not working due to NTP not working and vice versa

Due to the Turris MOX reboot bug, I have to reboot the device by removing the power supply and putting it back in.

This means that the router starts with very wrong time (because the Turris MOX does not have a RTC battery which would keep the correct time apparently I am wrong about this, why does my Turris MOX not keep correct time then?).

This means that DNSSEC cannot validate the DNS record for the NTP server, therefore the router cannot get correct time, and therefore will not have working DNS nor DNSSEC. For the same reason DNS over TLS does not work either.

Therefore I cannot use DNSSEC nor DNS over TLS. The only workaround is to disable both DNSSEC and DNS over TLS, which makes NTP time update work, and then I can manually enable both DNSSEC and DNS over TLS (but it fails again after I reboot the router by powering it off).

How can I fix this or how can I configure the router to ignore incorrect time on DNSSEC records and on DNS over TLS certificates?

Můžeme i česky.

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Hmm. In that case, why does my Turris MOX not keep correct time? How can I debug this?

When I unplug the power cable, and plug it back in and start Turris MOX, the time is reset to 2001-01-01. This causes a lot of problems with DNSSEC, DNS over TLS and others.

The Turris MOX is supposed to have a RTC battery. Is the battery or the Turris MOX defective and should I return it?

Hmm, I thought that among the default NTP servers there are some direct IPs (not specified by DNS name), exactly in order to recover from incorrect date.

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There were some default NTP servers specified directly by IP address but they did not work when I tested them.

The only currently configured NTP server is ntp.nic.cz

Yes, it would be a workaround to use a hardcoded IP address of some NTP server, but NTP servers are often pools and their IP adresses change, hence I would like to specify the NTP server by name not IP address.

Additionally, it still does not solve the issue that the Turris MOX loses time when power goes out - the RTC battery is supposed to save time. Is my Turris MOX defective? I bought it in December.

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