Disconnected antennas while receiving my MOX

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After Opening I found the WiFi Antennas on module A disconnected. How should they be connected?

There is a small plastic part. Where does it belong to?

BTW: There is a soldering hack where the WiFi card is connected to module A.

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Disconnected Antennas seem to be a common problem, see:

You might be able to connect the antenna yourself. In order to do so, you can gently push the plugs on the antennacable into the sockets next to the silver chipset on top of the upper board (second photo, almost center of the image). AFAIK it is not relevant which antenna is on which socket.

I have no idea what that plastic-thingy is, though.


Remember when your Mac was beige. My buddies hated me because I had 128 MB of RAM. There was a large SCSI back on the box.




File:PowerMac 9500 132 back.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

It needed the Terminator. And that plastic is it, without the useless electronics. :slight_smile:

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