Color of your Turris Omnia


anyone of you already decided what color you want your Turris Omnia?

@cz.nic, from which color we can choose? Or can we provide a RAL number?


As close to brushed-aluminum as possible if it is up to me (to show-off its metal casing).

Otherwise I have not decided yet. Possibly something close to it, maybe even dull white (although black seems nice too).

I like my stuff nice 'n simple :relieved:

I’d like some Bintec/Funkwerk red or Cisco green. :sweat_smile:

I’d like this colors:

  • plain anodized aluminium
  • turris/cz.nic blue
  • pure black
  • snow white
  • classic beige (old pc case color)
  • raw steel (uncoated or with filler only)

I’d prefer the good old irregular powder coating. I don’t want any of these shiny glossy paints.

I hope they add empty cases to the shop.

I do not care about 2 other colors, as long as BLACK is one of the 3. So guys who were the first backers, please advocate on behave of us who were not part of the first backers… let black to be 1 of the 3 colors.

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I voted for red, as it was my preferred color :wink:

Black was one of mine prefered colors. But I think silver, blue and black are one of the most beautiful on the pictures.

  1. Silver > 2) Blue > 3) Black

(all “metalic”)

My two cents (for what it is worth)…

i would like a metalic case, more important are parts to screw it in a 19" chassis

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Paint it, BLACK! scnr xD

Given that the box consists of two parts (top, left and right side + bottom, front and back side), it would be interesting have two colors box - for example - a black lid and sides + silver bottom, front and rear side.
If colors are combined from the three colors that will be finally chosen, the cost of production (painting) should not depend on this.


Wow… that mock-up looks very nice indeed!

Nice! But front + top + sides is one piece and back + bottom is another.

Ooops :frowning: , it’s true :frowning:

I thought the front side is part of the bottom.
So it doesn’t make sense :frowning:

I have too many boring black, silver and white PC stuff. The lime and red colors are much interesting.

Yep! Lime rox! :smiley:

And we have been VICTORIOUS!!. Thank you guys (the first backers) for including black in your vote.

Boring people :wink:
So I have also ordered a black one.

Any idea how the hacker pack case is colored?

Unfortunately it was obvious that only 1 real color would be voted in in the end. (I dont consider black silver and white colors :slight_smile: ) So gotta go with blue instead of the lime

Exactly… I also voted for real color. Blue, in my case (and I supposed either black or white will also make it to the final selection. I was right and on top of that, “my blue” also won. Nice!