Can't turn on Turris MOX

yesterday I received the Turris MOX. I read the documentation. The microSD card is already inside the MOX. I connected the WAN-Port to my Ethernet-Switch. And then I connected the MOX to the original power supply but the LED only flashes shortly once. After that no more happens. And the Reset-Button have no effect. I also tried to press and hold the Reset-Button during connect the power supply. But no effect.

And my Turris Omnia does not find a new device either.

I’m afraid module A is broken. I’m really sure this is broken.

What can I do? :frowning:

Try to go to the factory reset … step 4 … as described in the documentation.

Hi Nones,
thanks for your help, but at Step 4 there is no information how to factory reset. And anyway, The MOX shows absolutely no response when I turn it on. Just LED only flashes shortly once.

The WAN-Port-LEDs are dark.

I guess I got a broken MOX A.

Then you should contact

Out of curiosity what happens when you visit the router via a browser (presumably from a computer directly plugged in? Do you get a page returned? You can also do ip route on Linux or ipconfig on Windows to look up your gateway to confirm that’s the correct IP addr.

I already send a Mail to the tech. support and wait for reply.

I already tried different way to connect and reach the MOX. I also tried to connect directly with a notebook. is not reachable. I tried some Ethernet-Cable also.
Anyway, as long as the Link and Activity LEDs on the WAN port do not flash or light, there will be no communication.

Do you have only the MOX A or other modules too?
It is important!

There is the the manual for first setup of only MOX A …

Try it …

I have a MOX A with MOX G (with Power WiFi). And, I already tried this steps. But the same again. The device shows no reaction. And I can’t choose a rescue mode either.

The only LED that lights is a red LED on the MOX G.

Anyway, I still waiting for an answer from tech support.

Thanks for your Help :slight_smile:

7 days past and still no answer from Tech Support.

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16 days past and still no answer from Tech Support. This is really Bad.

Hi @thomas3577

I have a similar problem and my MOX A don’t boot

Have you solved it? How to?

I had this issue too. Are you using Gmail? Are you using another email account in your inbox set to “use as alias”?

After months of trying, these manual SD card configuration instructions helped me finally get everything working. It still took a couple of tries and lots of waiting, but I knew something was wrong when I plugged the SD card into my computer and saw that it had one <500 bytes file, and one empty directory. Turris Documentation

Thank you

I’ve just download the img file into an USB (FAT32) without unpacking and put a “clean” (FAT32, too) microSD and tried … but without any sucess :frowning:

Probably, my problem is that I can access to the right rescue mode :frowning:

Try following the exact instructions to manually configure the SD card from the link I posted (requires GNU+Linux, I use Fedora Silverblue):

(make sure to replace sdx1 with the actual drive name)

Thank you :wink:

I don’t have any linux PC but I’ll try in Windows 10 using the new WSL2 (Windows Subsystem for Linux)

Impossible :frowning:

It seems the microSD (connected thru an USB working with Ubuntu or Fedora in WSL2) doesn’t appear as a /dev :frowning:

Sorry for late reply. The notification emails from this forum ended up in the spam folder.

Finally I was able to send the MOX back. I don’t know what they did but when I got the MOX back everything worked.

@kxra & @Pharizna Maybe the best way is to contact the tech support ( via Email. I think you’ll get an answer faster than I did.

Thank you @thomas3577 for your help and recommendations :neutral_face:

Initially it was a good idea for a product … with poor quality control and worse technical service. It is a pity :angry:

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I am not able to find any ticket with your nickname or e-mail address if you reach us on the e-mail address, which you can find in our documentation with the details how the message should look like. If you do, please send me your ticket number and I will see what I can do.

Anyway, we have said many times here that forum is not official support.

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