Zerotier segmentation fault on TOS 5


Since the upgrade to TOS5, zerotier just crashes with a segmentation fault on my Turris Omnia.

It was working fine on TOS4, I’m not sure what has changed to make that happen, could anyone help me out?

It’s downloaded from


I have no experience with Zerotier, but can confirm segfault on Omnia with the version from OpenWrt master and OpenWrt 19.07.
I just created upstream issue so maybe maintainer could help with idea what is going on.

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I’m going to disable ASLR PIE for this package as a temporary workaround and @paja will have it on review. It will be part of Turris OS 5.0.4 and if you are using HBK/HBL/HBD branches, it will be available to you within a few hours after merging as those are automatic builds.


Thanks for this! Is there a way I can pull this single package on a stable TurrisOS?

It is present in HBK build for about 2 hours now, there. In this case, there should be a possibility to install the package from HBK branch or you can wait until it gets to HBS, which is going to be this week.