Zerotier in MOX


I’ve found some old questions about Zerotier in Turris … but nothing about Zerotier in MOX.

I’m trying to install it through LUCI with these instructions (more or less)

Starting/joining manually seems to work but when I reboot the MOX disappeared the connection from the ZeroTier Central and I have to join again. It’s very strange but it appears a new device (with a new MAC and a new IP) each time/reboor… but I’d like to use the same IP. etc.

Also, I’ve notice that with /etc/init.d/zerotier restart there are some errors
rm: ‘/var/lib/zerotier-one’ is a directory
rm: ‘/var/lib/zerotier-one’ is a directory
ln: /var/lib/zerotier-one/zerotier-one_openwrt_network: File exists

Anybody is using Zerotier in his MOX?

Thank you in advance