Zerotier config overwritten after upgrade


I use ZeroTier on my Turris Omnia so I can access my home services remotely. It works like a champ even behind CGNAT, which unfortunately is my case.

However, recently I lost connection from outside, and upon investigation I noticed that the zerotier service was not running on the router. A little bit of digging and I found that /etc/config/zerotier had been reset to the package defaults.

There was an upgrade on Monday (20th of January), and the file is correct in the pre-update snapshot but defaulted on the post-update, so clearly the update overwrote it.

Is there anything I can / have to do to avoid this happening again in the future?


Hello @cassianoleal,

In OpenWrt 18.06, package zerotier does not have marked the file /etc/config/zerotier as conffile and when the PKG_RELEASE/PKG_VERSION is bumped, it will overwrite the content of that file with default settings. Unfortunately, it wouldn’t happen in OpenWrt 19.07 and OpenWrt master as there it is already marked as conffile, but it was not added to OpenWrt 18.06.

I’ve sent a pull request and it is up to maintainer of this package to decide if he approves it or not. If he does, I can merge it:

Thank you for your bug report, but most likely it will happen once again and since then it shouldn’t overwrite it.

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Awesome! Thanks for looking into it! :slight_smile: