Yocto support on Turris Omnia

Does the OS on Turris Omnia support Yocto?
Or can we add the Yocto support to it?

Hi, We have a Yocto based environment.
Currently, we are looking for a new ARM based board for router development.
Please let us know if there is Yocto support available on Turris Omnia board.
Thanks !!

I would say that there is for sure support for TO CPU architecture in Open Embedded but I think that nobody worked on TO support. You would have to at least pull some of our patches for kernel and you would need swconfig from OpenWRT (at least for basic router functionality).

Thanks for the reply.
However, can you please explain what is “TO CPU architecture”?
Also, as I understand, currently no support for Yocto is available. Also, as of now, no one has worked on Yocto based Linux for Turris Omnia.
We need to pull the patches from Open Embedded kernel and build Yocto ourselves.
Please confirm.