YAMon v4 update... almost ready for beta testing

YAMon v4 is coming along slowly but all of the major router-side pieces seem to be in place and working well…

  • the new cron based scripts are running without fail
  • new devices are being detected and added to users.js & iptables.
  • traffic is being gathered into the hourly data files (and totals are in good agreement with YAMon v3), and
  • just today, I completed the code that aggregates the daily totals into the monthly/interval file
    (Like many of the other re-written functionality, it’s much smaller and seemingly faster than before)

I have been building and testing on my main router (Turris Omnia running a flavour of OpenWRT). The next big steps include:

  1. copying the files over to my DD-WRT & LEDE routers and looking for gross firmware issues
    2a) getting some beta users who are willing to suffer through a manual install
    2b) fixing the issues that they will no doubt find
  2. updating the setup and install scripts
  3. updating the JS files for the reports (because I’ve made significant changes to how the data is saved… but in a way that will not affect your historic files)
  4. Finding/fixing/adding anything else I’ve missed…

I’ll let you know when I’m ready for beta testers.

Thanks for your patience.