Writing to mmcblk0p1 concerns

Not really sure where to put this. After reading concerns about wearing out the built in flash, I decided to add the Disks monitor to see how often mmcblk0p1 is written to. I set up the block_dump debugging outlined here and left it on for a little over 10 hours.

I found that a few processes write to the disk.

Kresd writes to it once every 1:20:21 (one hour, 20 minutes and 21 seconds)
btrfs-transaction writes to it much more often, every 30-45 seconds, 2-13 writes each time with 256 sectors
kworker/u4:4 writes to it randomly every 0-30-ish seconds with 8 sectors, 150-270 writes each time.

Does this seem like normal activity?

It does seem like a lot of writes, but I don’t really know. In my past experience with OpenWRT, this sort of thing was dealt with using overlay filesystems on USB drives. Otherwise, I don’t think the flash space was written much at all.


this situation is probably caused by the older kernel in TOS 3.11.x. In TOS 4.x/5.x this is fixed by commit which is part of 4.14 Kernel

So this should be fixed by upgrading to TOS 4, but just to be sure, I created an issue for this topic.

Until now I’ve only read about TOS 4.x - so what is 5.x about? Do you have a roadmap somewhere publicly accessible?

4.x is based on OpenWrt 18.06, 5.x will be based on OpenWrt 19.0X. I’m not aware of any publicly available roadmap right now.

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Would be nice to have some sort of ETA - you used to have this in the beginning of this project…